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Christmas Special - DECEMBER SUNDAY

Author • Oluwatumininu Farombi


Episode 5


Last night before I slept, I called for one last early morning rehearsal. Even though everyone promised to be there, most of them came about 1hr late. I didn’t let that bring me down. I did an impromptu one-on-one rehearsal with everyone. 

Then it was time.

First scene came on and I was by the instrumentalist corner controlling the sound effects, the narrator was set on the altar and Mary was walking in. not bad.

What I did not expect was the next scene where Mary was confronting Joseph about her pregnancy, the crowd burst into laughter. Even when the messenger ran to tell King Herod of the newborn king. All I heard were bouts of laughter from the audience. 

I think the other teenagers noticed this and decided to give in their all.

I could not fully relish in my happiness at that moment because I was holding my breath. Scared that if I made any sound, I would jinx the moment. Then everything ended.

Long time ago in Bethlehem was playing in the background and the three wise men were leaving the stage with Mary and joseph, the congregation were clapping and clapping. Everyone had a great time, I LOVED IT. It was the perfect ending and I have learnt my lesson here. I will keep you posted on my many more leadership dilemma soon.

Merry Christmas dear diary and HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Happy new year 2024 - Merry Christmas

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