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Christmas Special - SEPTEMBER SATURDAY

Author • Oluwatumininu Farombi

Episode 1


Hey diary, 

I have this veryyyy great idea to create a Christmas drama this year! People are going to wear costumes, there is going to be singing like it’s a musical. I plan to do it in church and it’s going to be about the birth of Jesus. I can’t wait to tell people about it.

costumes for Christmas


Gosh! Yesterday I decided to tell Sarah my drama coordinator buddy about this drama, and she was also excited but she said that we should start rehearsals next week.

UGHH! What does she mean??? Doesn’t she know good things take time. I’m the one that came up with the drama idea and I’ll be the one to decide when we start and I want us to start after we’ve planned out all the scripts, costumes and props. How long could it take?

drama girl


So today I just asked the church secretary, and she says we can present our drama on the 17th of December which is carol day.

YAYY!! We’ll have a lot to time to practice.

I need to start getting some people together to draw out the script. Definitely not Sarah, she sometimes tends to be not-so-dreamy enough. I need someone with PIZZAZZ.

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