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Love, Lyrics & Nets

Author  Okhilua Desire
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'….truth is, you are not to run or leave me far behind'. 

I sang the last line of my song into the microphone as the rhythmic outro played out in my headset. Tejiri gave me a thumbs-up from the control side of the studio and I howled at him in excitement after we were done. We had been recording for hours trying to get the best outro and almost every time we tried did it flunk.

I ran out the singing booth. “How was it?” I asked him. 

“Hold on.” He smiled and then hit the play button. The tune began with its soft melody before slowly ascending to a higher tune. I saw Tejiri nodding his head ever so slightly as the song beat. After the song was done we began to cheer each other and before we knew it, our eyes locked and pools of attraction filled the room and I drew in closer. I kissed him first and he reciprocated. 

Slowly, I pulled myself in. Suddenly, Tejiri took control turning me over. He pulled down my skirt and then my panties. Slightly tickling my legs up to my thighs and then to my opening.

“Ah!” I gasped in pleasure and he only shushes me as his fingers made their way in. I reach for his head behind and pull him in for a kiss. We kissed passionately and it graduated more intense. As our wet lips rampage each other, Tejiri took out his shaft of considerable length and slid it into me. 

We began a pounding that lasted minutes with Tejiri’s palm pushing my back down in front of him before he pulls me back up with his hand on my throat. 

The smell of sex and pleasure filled the room to every nook and cranny and I loved it. From my left, I notice a light and saw it was Tejiri’s phone with a clear visual of us having a go and comments popping up with hearts going wild. My husband and I had forgotten to turn off Instagram live after a recording, again.

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Love, Lyrics & Nets

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