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 Author  Okhilua Desire
Tobe and I decided to leave the little crowd of children at the playground and go our own way.
“Mebi!” He called me as we snuck through the back door and into the house. 
“Are you sure they won’t catch us?”

I looked back and could feel his eyes peering through my growing breasts. “No, they won’t.” I smiled and assured him.

I was nine and he was seven and we had known each other our whole lives. I knew I liked Tobe so much owing to the fact that he was very handsome and kind to me unlike the other boys. He was intelligent also and that made my little heart run wild. To my surprise, Tobe felt the same way. It was first at the prayer camp and at the back of a bible class. We kept holding each other’s hands even after the prayer ordering us to do so had ended. Those seconds of palm against palm stamped itself in my memory and I never wanted to forget.

We made our way into my bedroom and thankfully no one saw us. I closed the door behind me and before I could say a word Tobe pushed his lips onto mine. My entire body melted and my mind exploded, the kiss felt soft and comforting like a freshly laid bed, it was also my first kiss. When Tobe pulled back we stared at each other before we burst into muffled laughter. I looked into his eyes again and felt them speak to me; I kissed again. Even though I was older, Tobe and I shared the same height, class and almost everything from where we lived to where we worshipped.

Tobe took me by the hands and sparks of affection traveled through my veins. He led me to the bed and lay me down. He gently lifted my shirt and in no time my tiny breasts were out in the open. He took his lips to them and kissed them before he descended fully on them open mouthed, licking away. Both the kiss and licks were cold at first but slowly they turned warm.
The surge of sensations and ecstasy was indescribable. I didn’t want it to end; I didn’t want him to stop.

Before Tobe could move to the second breast, my room door went ajar and my mother who was probably in a discussion as she walked in and turned to see what her eyes couldn’t comprehend. “Chukwudumebi, what are you doing with your cousin?” She screamed.

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Last modified: 28 Apr 2021


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