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On Readersketch, readers are opened to all styles of writing from different amazing writers home and abroad.

It aims to make reading fun for lovers of literature.

The comment section is open to all to dissect issues discussed. Extra effort has been put in place to make sure content published here have been proofread and edited for a rewarding experience for all readers.

As a writer, this is an opportunity to share your written works for free.

It is a writing community willing to assist all types of writers get their writing published on the web and beyond. At ReaderSketch, every writing is accepted. Express your art just the way you feel. 

This is a non-profit and non-compromised organization established on the basics of volunteers. Volunteers include editors, contributors, and more. Founded on the 13th of November 2020, officially launched on December 1st 2020, this is an avenue that serves the public with quality content.

Editors are able to make decisions on content published here. We disregard writings that expresses or encourages strife, war, racism, and division. In case we have made any post of such, the public can make a request of content moderation, while we take the post down for evaluation. This also applies to plagiarism checks and other grave writing crimes. 

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