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Frequently Asked Questions on Readersketch

Readersketch FAQs 



1.  What is Readersketch?

Readersketch is a digital based platform for writers to publish their write-ups, and writings of every kind and style for free.

2.    Who Can Submit Writings?

Basically, the platform is opened to all kinds of writers to publish their writings.

How To Submit on Readersketch

There are various methods to make submission on Readersketch.:

-Option 1:Via Google form: 

- Option 2: Via email to [email protected]

- Option 3: via Whatsapp message to +2348109254598

3.    Does Readersketch Accept All Kinds of works?

Yes, we do. However, we are caution of written works that could promote or incite strife in any way and more particularly, we are against offensive works. We also watch out for plagiarized contents.

4.   Does Redersketch Reject Submissions?

We do not reject. However, we can advice a writer to revise the written work for quality and policy sake.

5.  Does Readersketch pay writers/contributors?

For now, NO! 

Nevertheless, we are keen on updating and upgrading this platform to suit the community of writers around the globe. In the nearest future, we believe it is possible to fashion out a reward scheme for every contributors.

6.  Who Is Readersketch?

Founded by Oyeniyi Joshua in November, 2020, Readersketch is a project made up of  a team of volunteers to serve as a community blog where it is more efficient and cost effective to boost awareness for writers around the globe within the digital space.

7.  Is Readersketch Hiring?

Volunteers make up the Readersketch team. Depending on your skill, you can volunteer to work with Readersketch in any position; so far you can meet up with the commitment it requires. At the end of six months, volunteers get to receive certificate to justify their efforts and contributions toward the expansion of the project, after which they can decide to continue working or terminate service.

For further inquiries, drop a message in the comment box below. Thanks for your time.

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