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by Bianca Ihua

Calm- her conscience.
Mum- her mother.

CALM: Can you tell me why you're still crying? Like you've been crying for what– two weeks now?

THERESA: You can't understand (sobbing).

CALM: Heartbreaks? He-llo! We've been through this together. Like you and me.

THERESA: He left me. Jonathan left me. He stopped picking my calls. He-he changed overnight. Do you know how many times I called him?

CALM: One hundred and twenty-three times. I counted it, darling.

THERESA: And he didn't bother to call back. Not to even explain to me what I did. Because I don't know. And two weeks ago, he sent me a message on WhatsApp saying we should end things (sobs uncontrollably). And do you know the painful part?

CALM: He couldn't tell you what you did wrong.

THERESA: I mean, what exactly did I do?

CALM: You called him one hundred and twenty-three times, Tessy.

THERESA: Was that why he broke up with me? 

CALM: Why would you call someone over a hundred times? Like seriously, who does that? Three times is not even appropriate, if you'd ask me. You know I pricked you concerning this guy. I made it so clear to you that he didn't really love you. No, you did not listen to me.

THERESA: So, it's my fault? 

CALM: That he broke up with you, I wouldn't say. But that you keep crying over spilled milk, it is.

THERESA: You know we love him.

CALM: We? Use your pronouns well, sister.

THERESA: Are we not together?

CALM: Yeah, but I did not fall head over heels for that selfish dude.

THERESA: Don't call him that!

CALM: Oh really? Why am I not surprised?

THERESA: Jonathan is a good person. He's sweet, kind, nice, chivalrous, humble, tolerant and very respectful.

CALM: Then why has he not told you why he broke your heart?

THERESA: Maybe he's shy or he's taking his time to think about us.

CALM: (Laughs hysterically.) Don't be silly, baby girl. This guy is no lon-ger interested in you!

THERESA: Don't use that harsh tone on me! (Breaks down in tears.)

CALM: Do you want more kleenex?

THERESA: You're mean! (Weeps harder.)

MUM: Theresa! (Enters her daughter's room.) Why are you crying?

CALM: A boy broke her heart.

MUM: I said why are you crying?

THERESA: Mummy, I...I....

MUM: You cannot talk?

THERESA: I mistakenly fell.

MUM: Is that why you are crying? Is your leg paining you? (Theresa nodds.) Eyah. Pele, oko mi. Let me go and get Robb for you. I will rub it very well, you hear? I'm coming (leaves).

CALM: (Can't stop laughing.) You better tell her to get a bandage for your broken heart.


©2021 Bianca Ihua. All Rights Reserved.

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  1. I enjoyed every writing ����

    Did the guy eventually say the reason why he broke up with Theresa?


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