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Cobbling and Cutting

Author  Desire Okhilua

Joe-John couldn’t believe his ears; the king had demanded to see him. It was all like a dream when his friend came to tell him someone had gifted the King shoes he made and the king wanted to know the maker.

“Are you sure about this?” Joe-John asked his friend, Clinton, staring into his eyes to find truth.

“Yes! I am.” Clinton said. “I heard it firsthand from Felicia at the town square this afternoon.”

In no time, gossip and hysteria had lost control and the king finally found Joe-John. What made Joe-John a spectacle was that he was a small cobbler with little or no recognition and he had just battled other bigger cobblers in the city to get this position.

The King ordered his first dozen and immediately errands took off. Joe-John remodeled his workshop and hired two new staff.

One night, Joe-john couldn’t sleep, he was meant to start cobbling the next day. The thought of him being the king’s cobbler gave him so much joy than he had ever had in a long time, probably since his parents died and left him alone to fend for himself.

He walked round inside the wooden structure of his workshop inspecting the machines, checking for any defect or malfunction. He saw a box laying idly on a machine and thought to keep it away, he walked over to pick it but tripped over an abandoned metal log, hitting his head on an exposed 3-inch nail.

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Cobbling and Cutting

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