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Author Desire Okhilua

Onouha walked into the BRT bus stealthy so as not to stress her broken leg. She placed her good leg over the stairs whilst she held the rim and pushed herself for support with it and immediately she fell. 

“Easy there!” A man said from behind as he ran to pull her up her feet. 
“Thank you sir!” she wince, adjusting to a suitable stance.

“It’s nothing.” The man said. “Let me help you in.” He helps Onouha into the bus and they both found a seat. 

“Are you hurt?” The man asked her and she tells him that she will be alright. 
The pair had grown on each other just minutes after the incident and were laughing away and talking about a new Television series. 
“Did you watch the last episode where she thought the minister had betrayed her? She had to testify against him in court” Onouha asked the man. 

“Oh yes!  with the look on her face she found out he didn’t betray her. It was priceless.” The man laughed. 
“I really hope she doesn’t make it out free this season.” She said. 
“I hope so, too.” He replies. 

Asides the help he offered, Onouha felt connected to the man as they both shared the same favorite criminal law television series. 
“How do you see the portrayal of the government’s relationship with law practices.” He asked her. 
“I find it quite accurate.” She said before she peered to the front of the vehicle. “I’ll be stopping at the next junction.” 
“Olowokeree?” He asked. 

The man smiled. “I heard they sell sweet rice at a spot there.” 
“Yes, they do. In fact, why don’t we make the stop together and I buy you a portion. Just to say thank you.” She said with thin smile. 

“Why not.” They both made the stop and Onouha pointed at the spot. Just behind them, moments before they could get to the ship, a car wheel screeched loudly as the driver attempted to put a break but it was too late. The car collided with the BRT bus just inches from it and both vehicles went up in flames. 

"What a collision!" Said the man who was standing beside them as they all moped at the disaster.

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