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Christmas Special - NOVEMBER SUNDAY

Author • Oluwatumininu Farombi


Episode 3


Today, I went on the altar to announce my drama. Also, I put the role sheets on the notice board. I no longer have the luxury of time for an audition.

With limited people interested, I had to go and beg persuade people to join my drama. I want to run away from this, but I already announced to everyone and my BIG MOUTH kept exaggerating how exciting it’s going to be. I’m screwed.



Okay. We had our first rehearsal today and I would say it was…. It was so rowdy. Sarah has little patience, so she almost left the rehearsal THREE times. UGHH!! this is so not the perfect drama I thought of. Now I must worry about both Sarah and the teenagers(actors).

Ps: we only have 3 days of rehearsals, and they can only be on Sundays. 

Today was our first day, two more to go.


Today was our first day, two more to go.


I’m writing this at home after my solo cry sesh. I just got off the phone with the carol program coordinator telling her our drama would not be holding.

The person playing the ‘joseph’ role said he didn’t know he was going to be joseph "for real" and he didn’t have the courage to act it. Two of our extras quit because it was too rowdy, and they were busy. The ‘Mary’ said she had an overnight the night before, so she didn’t have the strength to act. I was also trying to avoid the youth’s coordinator because he wanted me to join a prayer and I knew if I took my eyes off these people, they would all scramble home. Oh, and Sarah called in the morning to tell me couldn’t come.

Need I remind everyone that we had just ONE DAY of rehearsal left!!!

On my way to find a replacement Joseph, the youths coordinator caught a hold of me and started pulling my hand towards the prayer room. I got so angry that I pushed him away and stormed straight home. I couldn’t contain my tears before reaching my sweet sweet bed. 

Oh dear diary, I feel so embarrassed for having called off the drama. I couldn’t handle the situation. I thought everything would work out if I took my time to plan it all. All my planning started to turn to procrastination and now. I feel like a failure. I won’t show my face again in church for the rest of the year.

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