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Christmas Special - DECEMBER MONDAY

Author • Oluwatumininu Farombi


Episode 4


Oh wow, I just checked Adam’s message on WhatsApp and he says he has been able to raise #124,000 for the talent show event coming up this Christmas. Wow that so COOL! Earlier last month, he wasn’t even sure if he wanted to go through with the program because he wasn’t getting a lot of support from people.

Mayyyybe I was too hasty calling off the Christmas drama. I shouldn’t give up so easily. I’ll go and call the carol coordinator to see if I can still get us a spot.

*30mins later


When I called the carol coordinator, she said that she had never cancelled our drama. She knew how much this drama was for me and she was just hoping that she would be able to convince me to continue with it. Also, she was able to free up an extra rehearsal day for us. That’s SOOO sweet of her. 

Unfortunately, I won’t be around on that day, but I can leave Sarah alone to coordinate right???


Oh shoot!! 

I knew I was forgetting something. THE COSTUMES!! I haven’t had time to properly plan out the costumes. Okay I can just sketch out something and ask Sarah to pass to the information to the teenagers during the rehearsals. BTW the drama is this Sunday. I AM NOT OKAY!!



9:30 pm

I’m not okay…. I need to talk to someone. This drama is going to be a FLOP. I called Sarah yesterday to ask how the rehearsal was, she was so furious because a lot of people came late. ‘King Herod’ came 4 HOURS later. They were hard to control and she gave up trying. We are just going to embarrass ourselves tomorrow. Maybe I’ll call Adams.

20mins later.

I didn’t expect to cry my eyes out on the phone call but I did. He gave me cheering and encouraging words that I only managed to believe. I also called my close friend. I’m sure she is already sick of me. I’ll give y'all the update tomorrow.



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