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Christmas Special - OCTOBER SUNDAY

Author • Oluwatumininu Farombi


Episode 2


I chose two girls from the teens department to write my script with. It was so brilliant and productive. We found out what songs we were going to use and how the actors are going to be positioned. I gave one of the girls our draft to type. She is to send the soft copy to me online by Tuesday then we can start the rehearsal proper. See I told Sarah we had plenty time to spare. 

I’m such a good planner.



UGHH!! The girl just told me she hasn’t typed the script because she was busy with school. I get but at the same time…. I don’t. How hard is it to get something typed?

Anyways she apologized and she said she would get it to me by Sunday. That’s plenty time to get this done right???

Oh, and by the way school is resuming on Monday. I got new sandals!! 

The girl just told me she hasn’t typed the script



I totally spaced out and forgot about my drama. I haven’t called for auditions. Oh...., also, I reached out to the girl who was supposed to type the script and she said she had not finished typing it.


Not only that, but she also misplaced the ONLY copy of our draft.

Sarah has been bugging me about the rehearsal dates and I’m starting to lose my patience with everyone. 

Should I just give up?

I’ll just have to finish off the script myself. AND I HAVE A TEST TOMORROW. Yay me!

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