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The Prince and I: A dead man's confession


It was the Ideen festival and the Kwaffi, King of our village, had a dance competition take place. Since I was known round the village as the best dancer, I enrolled with a group and when the festival came, we stole the show and won. But it wasn’t the wining alone that gave me joy, it was the look on Ilohmen, the prince’s face. He stole glances at me that told me he was proud of me from the podium where he stood.

Okhilua Desire, the prince and I, my prince, prince, Readersketch Series, Sunday series

Ilohmen and I go a long way back, ever since we were little boys running around the palace naked. I was the chief maid’s son, and it made all the sense why Ilohmen and I were friends from birth. Slowly, that playfulness evolved into butterflies and the smell of a rose garden. Ilohmen was at the festival looking ravishing as well and the look he gave me made my heart dance in joy. 

Later that night, Ilohmen and I met under the mango tree, our special place. The moon shone brightly over our dark skins and the wind from the trees pampered our hearts. I lay my head on Ilohmen’s shoulder as he sang me a beautiful song, a song about our love.

“Do you think people know?” I ask him after he stops singing.

“Know what?”

“What we are doing? Don’t you think the palace workers must have noticed by now? The other night, Seline saw us come out the stables.”

“Nayan...” He called me. Nayan was the word for ‘My life’ in our tongue. "...nobody knows anything and even if they did, I’ll shut them up, I am the prince afterall. We shouldn’t care what people think about us.” He said before he kissed me and shivers ran down my spine, his lips were warm, soft and wet.

The fear of what we had coming out to the world made no sense to me but in as much I needed to not stake my life for the evil in this world that was indescribable.

By the afternoon of the next day, Ilohmen sends me a letter asking me to meet him at the mango tree by sunset. It was little Bante who came to deliver it and after which I handed him some sweets and a coin.

When the evening came I arrived at the mango tree waiting for Ilohmen. Soon, I felt a tap on my back and it was Ilohmen but he was wearing a hooded cloak. 

“How are you?” He asked me, his voice as cold as ice.

“I’m fine.” I replied. “What is going on? We never saw for two days in a row.”

“I know. I really wanted to see you before I leave.” 

“Leave?” I frowned. “Where are you going?”

He pulled back his hood and my eyes widened. His face was covered in bumps and dents, he had splinters on both lips and a very swollen eye. I pulled back in shock as I saw the horror on his face.

“What happened to you?” I screamed.
Immediately, he dragged me into a hug and started crying. “I'm sorry!” He said. "I am sorry, my love. They made me do it." The choke in his voice couldn't conceal his guilt and this got me frightened.

'Sorry? What was he sorry for?' I thought to myself and before I could ask him he shouted, “He is here!” in a teary voice. No sooner had he shouted than I felt my waist pull back and an arm grab on my shoulder. I turned to see my assaulter and they were two large men. Terrified, I turn to Ilohmen in hope for an explanation and in a split second, I understood what had happened, we had been exposed. I looked into Ilohmen’s eyes as I was being whisked away. They were helpless, cold and afraid; he was in on it, my heart cracked into ten. 

'What he said about not caring, did he really mean it…' I asked myself. '…or was it just a coy? What happened? Why did he betray our love?'

 End of the series : A Log Of Upturn Twists

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The Prince and I: A dead man's confession

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