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Author Desire Okhilua

“I'm exhausted!” I said to Folarin as I took off my heels. It was my birthday and the girls and I chose to celebrate at the nightclub. We came back the next morning all danced out tired.

No sooner had we entered than we all passed out in the sitting room, some of us on the floor, others on the couch. I had slowly began to dream when I heard a hard pounding on the door and we all jolted awake like mothers about to defend their children in trouble.

The knock came again. "Who is that?” Folarin asked as she stood behind me.

Eiis, open this door.” We heard a deep voice say and immediately registering who they were.

Anita was the first to react as she silently jumped on her toes taking her hands to her head. “Awon ole de (thieves are here)” she said.

“Open this door or we go break am.” The man said again. 

Folarin tried to walk towards the door and I pulled her back. “Where are you going? Let’s call Deji he’ll know what to do.”

“Don’t worry.” Folarin said. She got to the door and opened it. Immediately numerous men in black masks stormed in.

“Everybody get down!” They ordered and we all took to the floor. My heart had left my chest and sprinted off. We lay with our faces to the ground whilst our minds were shaken. I was running wild with fear and concern as I didn’t know if they had guns or not, I couldn't see a thing.

What do they want? There’s no money here. I thought to myself. Soon they had us all on our knees in a straight line. These men were six and tall, the girls and I were outsized both in height and number. Five men guarded our sides, two and three to each side. The last patrolled us before he called. “Folarin!” What? Who are these people? How did they know my name? I thought to myself. I was hesistant to respond but then I raised my shaking hands. 

“Stand.” He ordered. “Move closer.” I moved closer not knowing what he was about to make of me but slowly he took to one knee, taking his mask off and pulling out something from the breast pocket of his jacket. As he peeled the mask off I saw the face of my boyfriend, Deji.

With shock and confusion on my face, he pulled out a small blue case and opened it. In it sat the biggest rock I had ever seen. “Folarin, the love of my life will you marry me?” He asked and I could hear the girls giggling crazy behind me. The men with him took of their masks and they were his friends I recognized. 

I look at Deji with disgust before I slapped his face. “Was this how I planned your secret surprise birthday party last year? Ra da ra da oshi.” I hissed at him, snatched the ring and slipped it on my finger before I went to my room and slept.

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