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The policemen stopped Kelvin at Kanne bridge; a very feeble platform over a harsh body of water, without cause and he knew it. Kelvin was in more than a hurry to get to his destination and these weren’t the distractions he would have hoped for. Two men in black police uniforms one wielding a baton and the other a rifle pulled Kelvin over at a checkpoint. Kelvin's heart thumped slightly whilst he was also building frustration.

Kelvin didn’t want to be here, not with where he had to be and what he had with him. He couldn't afford an argument with policemen.

“Oga, whine down.” The police man with baton knocked on his glass. 

“Good afternoon sir!” Kelvin greeted as he rolled down his window. 

“Afternoon!” The officer greeted back. His eyes scanned the car's interior as if he was on a search for contrabands as they would linger on before shifting. “You no see speed limit as you dey drive come?” He asked, bringing the eyes to Kelvin's face. 

Kelvin had caught glimpses of their badges. Baton was named S. Fayemi, Rifle was named D. Gian.

“Officer, abeg na rush I been dey rush. E get where I suppose dey on time.” Kelvin said. He knew he was within the speed limit for this highway but no way in hell will a Nigerian Police man see a Lexus SUV and not stop it.

“Ehn ehn?” asked Fayemi with his wide nostrils staring Kelvin in the face. Gian, on the other hand, did nothing but access the features of the car as he walked round it.

“Yes sir!” Kelvin replied nervously and not wanting to aggravate the issue

“Ehn, but no be only you dey Lagos na. We plenty wey dey go somewhere.” 

“Officer, I know but…” Kelvin was suddenly interrupted by Gian.

“Open this boot!” He said hitting the trunk of the car. 

Kelvin hesistated. 

“You get something there you no want make we see?” Asked Fayemi.

“No sir!” He replied with the lowest register he could muster.

“Ehn, open am na!” Fayemi ordered with strike in his voice. Kelvin opened the trunk. Fayemi also demanded the documentations of Kelvin's car. 

Kelvin peered through his rear view mirror and soon after, he saw Gian bring the hood down after an aimless quick search. 

“Nothing dey here.” Gian said. Fayemi looked at Kelvin as if to say ‘You are lucky ooo', he eyebrows pulling downwards harshly.

“Dem say nothing dey your boot.” He said.

“Nothing sir!”

“You no go like do weekend for us? You and this your fine motor go just pass and nothing go drop." Fayemi said, taking the documents under his arm after a shabby glance through its pages.

Kelvin swallowed before he reached for his wallet, pulled out a thousand naira note and handed it over. He saw Fayemi's eyes light up.

“Correct guy!” Fayemi remarked, slipping the note for the documents into his pocket. With a smile on his face, Fayemi waved Kelvin off and set him on his way.

After they let him go, Kelvin got a call as he was driving. “Hello” He responded to the call.

“Mr. Kelvin, it’s me, Dr. Ajibade.” 
“Oh doctor, How are you? Anything the matter?” The sound of silence bit at Kelvin and a tingle set in an uneasyness he could not deny.

“I’m sorry Mr. Kelvin, We lost Helen.” 
Kelvin’s heart dropped. “What? No, I’m on my way with the balance.” He reached under his car seat and pulled out a brown envelope. “It’s right here with me.” 

“It’s not about the money, Mr. Kelvin. She had given up the fight, the cancer won.” Kelvin’s heart slammed against his chest and like a thousand pins and needles stinging him endlessly. 

“She really wanted you by her side.” The doctor continued and Kelvin broke even more. Kelvin thought of the minutes he spent with Policemen and not spending it with Helen. Two more minutes and he would have been with her but instead he was with radicals, it made him angry. What a way to spend the last moments with your daughter. 

No Sooner had he received his call did Kelvin loose control of his car brakes whilst moving at full speed on a soft bridge, the two front tyres of his car unhinged, tripped. Kelvin over the bridge and onto the surface of a hard plateau with flowing waters.

* * * *
Author's Message
The idea of this series originally being a joke still swathes me, the thought to myself on what it would seem to tell unpredictability in different basic instances and mundane situations. It's surreal even to me that in the midst of what 2020 was and what 2021 was turning to be, I could sit down to pen something and conclude it. 

It was beautiful as well as straining to have stayed up to finish this first volume of 'A LOG OF UPTURN TWISTS.', the cojones to drape on my glasses and unsteady fingers to wear out my laptop for another month has indeed, in it's sense been fruitful. And I am very appreciative of the efforts from both readers and writers, home and away who have taken their so precious time to read my pieces, A big heart goes around. I know not all the stories were great but I did try to stay committed to finish something and I did and I chose to share this early writing experience with those who would understand.

As for the series and where it leads, I can say there's more to come but as for this volume, we are drawing to a close and with two engaging stories that were deeply inspired by true live events, OFFICER, ABEG!, THE PRINCE AND I, on the way as it's finale. I hope they tell you what they actually mean.

It's been an actual rollercoaster keeping schedules as a writer and many other things, Many thanks to the team at Readers Sketch and this platform that they've pioneered. A place where writers can truly experience themselves in the art that calls them. This partnership has brought more than a connection but a true relationship of expression and talent. 

To everyone who have in their ways help 'A Log Of Upturn Twists' grow and blossom, I wish you love, peace and much beauty that life can offer. The continuous repost and shares as well as the reads, have planted a big seed in my heart and who knows Volume 2 could come sooner but in the meantime enjoy: A LOG OF UPTURN TWISTS: VOLUME 1.

- Desire E. Okhilua

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