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From The Other Side

Author  Desire Okhilua

My mother was scolding me again. Her hands were flipping her wrapper round her waist ever so carefully. My eyes to my feet, hands to my back and interlocked, my teeth scraping my bottom lip as guilt, fear and remorse swam through me. I had spent the money she gave me for a portion of beans at a football viewing center.

From the corner of my eye, I saw a shadow, it was his shadow cast onto the floor and I smiled. He sat on our old sofa, knee across the other in a black suit and tie, smiling back at me.

"Kelechukwu!" My mother pitched my name with earnestness. "Are you hearing me? No more football for you as from today." She said sharply before leaving the room.

"You shouldn't be disobedient towards your mother." He said.

"But papa, she nags too much." I said to him, wanting him to understand why i did it.

"If you did the right thing, she wouldn't have to." He said and my eyes took to the floor again, this time I felt only guilt.

"Go to my office." He said. "Check the drawer by the lampstand, there should be money in one of the books in it."

My eyes teared and a soft smirk smeered his face. Before I could run to him, he vanished into thin air and just like that, my father had come to save me again from the other side.

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From The Other Side

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