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Chief Ajiboye groped my shoulder tightly walking into his presidential suit as if to remind me that he had paid for me and will be having me all night. It was like I was an object he could use, toss and jingle. 

This was our first time meeting and from the moment he saw me, he couldn’t resist but talk to the brothel’s matriarch to have me. On the other hand, I was new at the brothel and Chief Ajiboye was my first client. 

“Sit on the bed, I'm coming.” He ordered and I sat on the king sized bed in the room and walked into the bathroom. I accessed the room. Bright chandeliers tinted my eyes and the smell of freshly washed sheets filled my nose. The room was in a chromatic mix of white and gold with the bed in the middle and two chairs at each ends. 

I cup my hands to my face to smell my breath and took my nose to my armpit; they both were in good condition. I apply another gentle coat of red lipstick as I have been taught by another girl at the brothel. 

Chief Ajiboye had been in the bathroom for over twenty minutes and it began to worry me. 

“Chief!” I called but received silence.

“Chief!” I called again but still, no response. I walked to the bathroom and the door wasn’t locked in; there was a slim opening. I peep through but noticed no activity, with little courage, I pushed the door open. It seemed a bit stiff at first but then I pushed harder and I heard a loud thud against the floor tiles. I looked inner to see Chief Ajiboye flat on the floor with his left hand on his chest and a tightly squeezed face. 

My heart sunk and I remembered what my mother said about me being cursed from the village. She was right; this was the third man that had died before he even saw me naked and he was a Governor.

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