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Author • Oluwatumininu Farombi



Diary of a Shy Not So Shy Girl (becoming a leader) 

Episode 2

Oh my!! God does answers prayers. I heard the most INCREDULOUS, JUICY news!!

When I got back from school today (university), I found my dad clearing out the library trying to make space.

“Dad what are you doing this for?”

“I want to make this place conducive for your brother to stay here.”

 “What do you mean STAY HERE?” I asked while trying to not get my hopes up hehe.

“This will be Micah’s room(my brother) and you can take over the other room you were both sharing. I wanted to roll and jump and high-five like a FREAKING bird right then and there but I can’t because  I’m not used to being very expressive in front of my dad. Instead I give a 90° bow like the Koreans and told my dad thank you.

comic appreciation


When I got to my room, the first I did was to go down on my knees to thank God.

“LORD thank you soooo much for listening to me. I apologize for saying l DISLIKED your house. I’ll try to be more open this year. Also can you please teach me how to open up to people and not shy away...Once again thank you God “. When I finished praying, I suddenly developed the strength of hulk and I started lifting my brothers things out of MY ROOM🌝.

 Although my arms still hurt from the MANUAL labor I did, I didn’t care.

lifting my brothers things out of MY ROOM Illustration

Under  30 minutes  the room was already looking more free. I plopped on my bed and began scrolling through Pinterest so that I could get COOL girly inspiration for my room when the message came in.

FOURSQUARE TEENS: This coming Sunday we will be announcing our new EXCOS For the new church year. All teenagers should be present . God bless.

phone pimps Illustrations 

Honestly, I don’t even remember the names of half of our current EXCOS but I do know our very cool Teens counselor KENNEDY KEN. He is very easy to talk to and intelligent. Sadly I find myself getting jealous when I see him having deep conversations with the other teenagers. I thought we had a special connection hmph..


fun creative

Anyways, I need to get back to creating my mood board on Pinterest (I don’t have the money to buy half of the things).

Illustration by Oluwatumininu Farombi

Story by Oluwatumininu Farombi



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