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Author • Oluwatumininu Farombi



I have never TGIF the way I TGIF right now.

University is HARD! Or maybe I’m just dumb.

When I got admission to study Mathematics at the University of Lagos last year, my family was excited for me to carry on the legacy. Well, it’s not much of a legacy now that I think of it. Only my dad and his siblings attended the college.


Anyways I had my expectations for school and how I wanted to be perceived.

This was my strategy for making friends and this has been tested and trusted in the past (by me).

·         Act quiet and mysterious.

·         Answer difficult questions in class so people can see that I am quiet, mysterious and SMART.

·         People will want me to be in their groups because I am a great asset.

·         Gets cool friends. 



How things actually turned out.

·         Act quiet and mysterious.

·         Can’t answer even simple questions because I’m studying Mathematics for crying out loud.

·         Don’t know how to enter group convos because I wasn’t invited.

·         Get tagged as one of the quiet kids.


Note to self: Be yourself next time.


Another thing that has not been going well with school is, well….., school itself. I am currently in the second semester of my first year and I have managed to bag two carryovers. Yay me. I haven’t had the courage to tell anyone about this and I am not ready to.

During my last semesters exam, I was so unbothered when I could not answer the questions. I just wanted it to be over so soon, so that I could go back home to my sweet sweet bed and watch my k-dramas (if you couldn’t tell already I’m kind of lazy ……sometimes).

thining moo

In as much as I would love to throw myself a pity party, I will admit that I have made two friends. They are what I would call the “school friends”. I feel bad for writing about them this way since I don’t know if they actually consider me more. I guess they would never find out if I don’t take this diary journal to school.


Story by Oluwatumininu Farombi

Illustration by Oluwatumininu Farombi

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