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Diary of a Shy Not So Shy Girl (becoming a leader)

Author • Oluwatumininu Farombi



Diary of a Shy Not So Shy Girl (becoming a leader) 


Gosh! You’d think I would have my own room by now after turning 17. All I Got for my birthday was a store bought card and a pepper spray. Umm okayyy…….Thanks Dad 😒.

Keep those weirdos away
keep those weirdos away


I have to share a room with my smelly, annoying younger brother. Yesterday, after church, all I wanted was to be alone in the room, bury myself under the covers and cry the longesssst cry ever. Actually, I feel this way most Sundays.

Sunday is my worst day of the week. Why can’t we worship God in the comfort of our homes like they did back then for Sabbath.

thou shall not work
thou shall not work

The reason for this revulsion is that I did my high school at a boarding school and recently graduated. Because I have been away, I was not able to become friends with the kids at my church. Now they are all close and BFFs while I feel like a FREAKING outcast. To be fair, they always try to include me but I just stay stiff and tight-lipped like I’m doing a mannequin challenge and if I do speak, it ends up coming out in rambles. How quirky 😑

statue... haha... chatter
statue... Haha... Chatter...

Now when I  got to the room hoping for some alone time, my sadness turned to pure fury as I found my brother laying SMACK DAB in the middle of my sweet sweet bed. (I never let anyone on that bed, only my cats).

 Oh, it’s About to go down. “ARE YOU OKAY?!?”  “HOW DARE YOU??”

“Oops I did not know you were back, my bad” he shrugged

If I was not already enraged by that nonchalant reply. This dude painstakingly took his time to get out of MY bed leaving the sheets crumpled.

Yep... I’m gonna kill this child.

PS: Dad please... let me use the store as my room. I’d gladly be roommates with the rodents.🙏


Illustration by Oluwatumininu Farombi

Story by Oluwatumininu Farombi

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