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Author • Franzezz


Every beginning has an end,
And every road has a bend,
Every stage of life changes you,
Like a chamelion pretends,
I love or I loved you neither do I regret,
I hit you or hugged you was possible because we met.
I loose my composure in our embrace,
I loose my frowns when I see your face,
I forget my gaze in your eyes,
'Cause very soon we would say goodbyes.
I smile it off as I carry on my day,
But trying to forget my tears slips away,
You were a dandelion, a wish that came through,
It was a privilege that I met you.


Readersketch | Ed. Oyeniyi Joshua

© Franzezz. All Rights Reserved.

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Name: Ighoraye Francess Efemena
Date of birth: April 10th
Hobbies: Dancing, Playing Guitar, Designing, Reading Comics 
Other area of interest: Branding and Graphic Designing


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  1. It's a simple yet deep and meaningful poem. Every word is intentional and the emotions true. A beautiful piece this is, Frankincense


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