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The Light Zing

Author  Adefeyintola Adesegun
____________    ______________

Dear Reader,

We have at one time being in that space where our mental health has been unbalanced through which we had to heal or still in the process of healing based on different circumstances. I hope this work finds you well, and you are able to draw strength, solace and comfort from the words within it as you read and discover that sense of bond that you are not alone.

To the Diamonds in the Rough,
Let this be known
For like a Phoenix
You will rise again
©️ Adefeyintola
Table of contents
·        Dedication
·        Foreward
·        Space
·        Tailor sized
·        Healing Notion
·        Mirror on the wall
·        Nothing lasts
·        God's own Gift
·        Eternity
·        Time is not a delay
·        Even in death
·        My service
·        You are Strong
·        Perfection
·        The Giver
·        Magic
·        No Stops
·        The 80's
·        Letting Go
·        The Sun
·        Forgive myself
·        Roses
·       Acknowledgement

                                                                     The light Zing


The days are long
Short nights beckon
The journey grows one weary
But the light comes again
Drawing into another life
Each day is a new space.
_there is no limit


Healing is a cloth
Made in different sizes
A fit for each gender,
You shall wear yours today
With a smile on your face
And thankful for growth
From bygones of the past.
_a gown of perfect fit

3-Healing Notion

One is sure to heal
While seeing the light
Yet embracing the dark sides
Perfectly as a whole
Creating a new breed.
_two in one

4-Beloved mirror

Today I looked into the mirror
And smiled till my teeth ached
I had survived his shrill voice
Taunting my self- reflection
While he stood behind me those times
"Adieu my beloved", said my mirror
Tomorrow we smile again.

_the past is a shadow


5-Nothing last

Today you might be broken and scorned
Living of the filth of a trauma,
But hear this very well
Nothing last forever
Whether in a second, hour or week
Your tomorrow will be of purity
Of where your joy shall arrive
All crowned in it's glory.
_Change is constant

6- God's own Gift

The blemish left a scar
My wings tainted with black
But he still welcomed me home
And called me " The favourite"
For i had found my step.
_Angel in different forms



Engrave your flaws
on my body, and embrace them
"till eternity" he said
Let me ease your worry

- Jannat
_duo love

8-Time is not a delay

Time might go slowly
Every pain still lingering
Doubt and grief overwhelming
But so does the healing seep
Into your weary body daily
As long as you take the step
Without relenting in your way.
_time waits for no one

9- Even in death

You will overcome your beloved demise
And be able to smile at his memories
Even in remembrance of his name
God had made your healing whole
He will wipe your tears
Comfort you in grief,
Lean your shoulder on him
For he is with you,
Now and forever.
_God never sleeps nor slumber

10-My service

I shiver in misery
Seeing man toil daily,
With little to show forth
I watched her wring her breast
To bring out milk for her child
With hope lost in her eyes
Filled with unshed tears
This made my vow,
To give all my essence
In putting smiles on their faces
And giving the will to live,
For another day
I am not God
But you could call me,
His right-hand man.

11- You are strong

She said "Remember good times"
So you smile even in pain,
Recalling the snake sting
As she named and called it
Passing water into her skin
And how she fought against it
You recall the time span
And how she used it up
Writing letters in fatigue
And calling out in love
With memories to last
Captured in a camera
She smiled the last time
And said" time to make peace"
The white flag fluttered above
And her breath held still forever
She had been called home
Till the next time you meet.
_revel in his or her memories left behind



Love is peace
Knowing you are made,
 For more and nothing less
While others just make up
The Star Quality etched in you.
_No one can dim your light

13-The Giver

"she's the water he needs
 whenever the world's adversities
sets him on fire".
- You're a healer



Healing is magic
Just say the words
Let it cleanse your soul
And comfort the scars etched in you.
_Daily inspiration

15-No Stops

For every setbacks encountered
You are doubling up two steps
That is the light,
The reality you will be living through.

16-The 80's

Grandma once told me,
what's broken can't be whole anymore
Guess that was in the 80's.
I was broken beyond recognition,
but picked up each piece and healed in peace.
Maybe Grandma was even referring to her ceramic plates.
_you are a Rock


17-Letting Go

I am letting go of the past
 And facing the truth,
 Despite the fear of failure
 I will turn off the lights
 And rest my head awhile
 For to make this right
 I will stand up the next day
Till l find peace in my self again.
_peace and chaos, energy to be regained.


18-The Sun

Healing is like the Sun
Rising and setting each day
Despite the mock calls of rain
And peeping toms like clouds
You'd be shining your rays
And fixing on an after-glow.
_nature is beautiful Just like you


19-Forgive my self

I have been on this trip,
With no measure of the distance
Gathering strength for daily survival
From this black hole,
A new wind blows to soothe
Now I'm breathing cleanly,
Letting go of my lonely yesterdays
Making amends with my mistakes
And left with just one thought,
To heal from pieces to a whole.
_I come first before others
You are close to the last poem and I hope you have found peace and comfort within this words penned down, with my heart, I am sending you a whole lot of love for how strong you have been ( male and female). It is amazing and, beautiful to see how much of a miracle you are and how your wings are unclipped to soar this earth in a whirl. Always note that no matter the situation, you are your own soul mate and guardian angel to others.
Healing can be in different forms and no matter the form in which you heal, I really appreciate that survival instinct in you and praise you so much and if you are still on the path of healing- Cheers to walking that path despite everything. This is the reason for writing this book and I hope you can relate in a way to each piece; in every situation, pick your pill of life.
The world,
gives you so much pain
And here you are making a gold out of it.
There is nothing purer than that.

~ Rupi kaur



I hope all your tears turns
into a blooming flower,
So you can walk in a garden
 for the rest of your life,
Where all fragrance makes you heal.
_the garden of life


Readersketch | Ed. Oyeniyi Joshua

© Adefeyintola Adesegun. All Rights Reserved.


Adefeyintola Adesegun is a Poet and writer, She is a graduate of University of Lagos and loves to express her creativity through poems and sometimes dabble in writing short stories. She has written other collection of poems which you can find on her social platforms. You can connect with her on :
Facebook- Princess Adefeyintola Adesegun
LinkedIn- Adefeyintola Adesegun
Instagram- princessadesegun


Finding and growing in strength will always make for a brave step, so my gratitude goes to God for keeping watch, being there always and never failing.
To my family- Love varies, but it is there lapping at the shore or overflowing the tides.
Jannat - An awesome poet whom I had the pleasure of getting to know, I really appreciate you  finding time to send in your poems and adding to the blessing, You want the subtle and soothing, find it in her poetry. Cheers Babe. Connect with her on IG- jb_poesy
Mubarak- I met you through "Ceasura" , you are an awesome poet and I really appreciate you featuring in this anthology, Thanks for designing the beautiful book cover. Connect with him on IG- Mubarak_writes
Marvy- My Sister, for reading and re-reading and letting the words tickle your heart, Here is a love forever.
Sammie, Truthlee, Muna - It is the enthusiasm for me- you are the sail that is hosted, your support makes me teary-eyed. Cheers Mom Ami (My Friend).
Rupi Kaur- a wonderful poet whose poems are the "roll outta your tongue" kind of poem, she has such a great style which I admire and introduced in this anthology.
And to everyone that has always supported and encouraged and for believing in a soul like me- I love y'all so much.
Thank you.

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  1. Fehintola, The sky ain’t the limit no more but the beginning. You are going places… Keep on writing and let the pen get into the grove… Dad

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