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 Oyeniyi Joshua

It would soon be day
And, the sun set on high
Will forcefully take the cloud.
The cool breeze will soon be gone
And the moon, withdraws to another direction -
Maybe to the east or west or south -

For here in the north -
It will be hot for hours;
The matter of kukuruukoo for the cocks,
An instant for the dog to wag its tail;
The telltale alarm of fortification
Calling for action.

The night would soon be gone,
And for the moment,
It would be the sounds of beings
Playing all kinda music
Like that of object falling off in a krakraka-da-dushhhh noise,
The language of work. 

And as frustrating, and tiring 
session it brings;
It becomes the moment
Our existence is tested
And, our body fitting back into shapes
Lest we look like the amorphous clouds - 
The eyes of heaven, 
The reservoir of cry.
 © 2021 Oyeniyi Joshua. All Rights Reserved.

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