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Greatness: The Price and the Prize

Author TheOsmosis



I was just at the back of my little bungalow 

When I saw a frail-looking unshaven elderly man 

Holding in his left hand a shiny tortuous but firm stick which he used to support his unstable gait

He could barely take a step forward without making this somewhat strange dance-like gait

He in a rather high-pitched shrieking sound that nearly sent poop out of my anal orifice, yelled out "Bingo". 

In my bewilderment, I looked here and there hoping to see a child running along

But I saw a hungry-looking tiny-legged  "hunter's dog" run along

I soon began to rummage my tear gland for pity

As the poor old man had nothing but a Bingo. 

He soon noticed how fixated my vision was and beckoned at me with such calm tone

Then, he said "My son, pay the price of discipline now, so that you do not lurk around in much hunger and abject want"

Now I looked more closely

And I saw a big sore in the dorsum of his left foot which Bingo was passionately licking away

Tears rolled down my cheeks as the poor old man could do nothing but watch as little Bingo was feeding on his sores

He went further neglecting the unpleasant sight, and repeated

"My son, pay the price of discipline now, so that you do not lurk around with the prize of indolence"

And I woke up from my sleep at the third cockcrow 

Behold it was just the dawning of a new day.

Greatness: The Price and The Prize

Readersketch | Ed. Matthew Olapade

© Moses Adewole. All Rights Reserved.


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  1. What a story! What a lesson! What a piece!


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