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The Fighter

Author • Akinayo

Hi guys! My name is Favour, a.k.a., the fighter. Well, that is because I fought a lot when I was younger. I wouldn’t say I loved it, but situations led me to. 

I was a kid with great future in view like every other normal kid should. Unfortunately, mine was just a mere dream and thoughts that got shattered at that tender age.

I come from a family of five. I happen to be the only son of three kids. Not bad right? My parents where the all loving, nice ones you could ever ask for. In spite of that, there was always an issue, disagreement and arguments. I gradually developed the mindset and mentality to not always accept and tolerate at all. 

At age 8, in the school dormitory, I got into my very first reality fight. This attitude kept on occurring and reoccurring with time. Until the day I was finally expelled from school.

My Predicaments? 

This is where it started, I was just about to be ten - Ten years old. I started fighting and dealing with anger and tolerance. My parents decided to keep me at home and send me to a day school instead. They didn’t bother finding a solution to my fighting problems, asides the fact they took me to a pastor to pray out the spirit of fighting. I started my new school, seemed well, but I was always heart broken. My parents restricted me from having friends neither did they have my time. And then, finally when they did, it always ended in heated arguments - typical them yeah? That I was always bored, with no one to speak to, made me a loner, asides from when I get to school and when I listened to music. Music was the only thing that got me and my life in shape. I soon began to deal with loneliness and sad spirit.

At age 15, I had a number of things going on in my life, how I became a victim of regular bullying both in school and on the streets. It was a struggle for me. My academic performances began to decline along the years, not like I was the last position. My parents will, as usual, always rant and complain, they never get to listen, and when they try, they never understood. They are exceedingly good at misunderstanding and judging me. They enrolled me into several lessons, everything just kept choking me, I couldn’t breath anymore. At this point fighting and dealing with self esteem and identification was the deal.

About 2 years later, still as a broken boy, even when I try as much to cover it. I saw things my peers where doing and I was highly pressured to join them. For the first time in my life, it was like I never experienced love. I met this girl in my class gave me the listening ear I always wanted. It felt like I have gotten everything I wanted in life. I decided to join the league, not like I had the mind, lol, na my friends run the induction parol. I finally could say I had a girlfriend, na me deh run town, due to this friend - it was all cool. Remember I told you my parents had little or no time for me, however they always supplied all I needed. Even with all these supplies I still stole from them all in the name of showing off my relationship. I’d buy various gifts and things for my girlfriend, feed her like I was her parent, hehehe emi sinzu. Little did I know the worst is yet to come. My parents figured I stole and spent recklessly. But they could only figure I spent on gambling(hehehe, e shock you ABI), I used to gamble. Back to my story, all funds seized no more sinzu no more cash out. Guess you know what happens next, my babe found a new love, people come and go. (I chop breakfast!) I lost it and was downcast. I lost my league and I was relegated. At this point, trust me, I knew I was depressed.

That same year, I got the opportunity to sing and play at the school valedictory service. At the end of my performance, I could see the stunned looks on people and how they appreciated me, I felt meaningful again, ……. Commot bodi joor! Lol. That never happened. I was the very intimidated type and would have never being given the opportunity to do that. Nobody believed in me!

I was depressed and I knew it, there was no movement in my life. I had concluded my secondary School level awaiting admission to the college, but it never came through. 

Present Age. 

I am 25 years. I’m definitely not the Favour you knew. Things changed for me when I met a friend that made me realize a lot. She introduced me to people I spoke to regarding my challenges; how I felt and how broken I was. As seconds wind into minutes into days, I became a different person. The top of it all was when she introduced me to Jesus Christ. It changed totally, he took all my heavy burdens and gave me rest. You need to find him too.

Most times, all we need is just to speak up! Sorosoke. Yeah true, some people have tried speaking up but never got a chance. But the truth is why continue walking through hell when you can still keep voicing. Someday someone will listen. 

The whole essence of this is to tell you and let you know that whatever it is you’re dealing with, it can get better. Speak up to people you know can help you.


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