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A Date That Goes Sour

Author  Similoluwa Ifedayo

It is a Friday morning. Chris calls Beauty on the phone and asks for a date with her. 

Beauty is so happy because she has always wanted to go out with Chris. She has fantasies of them getting married and having beautiful and handsome kids. Her fantasies are so deep-rooted that she refuses any other man’s proposal. She always has the hope of having a relationship with Chris. Her feelings for him can, however, be justified because Chris is every woman’s dream man - He is handsome. He is not only good-looking but also a great dapper. Like Chris, Beauty is every man’s dream. Her name justifies her physical appearance; she is gorgeous, tall and classy. She is also notable in the society for her responsible and caring person.

“He called me. Oh my goodness. I’m blushing. Today is a very wonderful day,” Beauty says as she taps herself to be sure that she isn’t day-dreaming. She screamed and got the attention of her best friend, Erica.

    “What’s up? Why are you disturbing me with your noise?” Erica asks with a serious voice.

    “Guess what, guess whatttttt?....” Beauty says happily.

    “What?” Erica replies sharply.

    “Chris asked me out on a date. I’m so happy.” Beauty says.

   “Sooooo, was that the reason why you interrupted my sleep?” Erica says softly. “But are you really sure, dear? I think he is not around because I went to his office yesterday afternoon for an official reason. His personal assistant told me that he wasn’t around. I don’t think you are ready for this conversation about your feelings for Chris. He doesn’t look interested,” she adds.

   “Yeah, I know that he is not in the country now. He is going to be back on Friday, a week from this moment. I’m going to be on a date with the love of my life next week.” Beauty replies as she sang "Bad energy stay far away, stay far away." She walks away to prepare for work. 

Beauty prepares for work happily. She plans to get new clothes for her date with her long-time fantasy man. She gets to the office around 8am and greets everyone with a big smile on her face. Her happy demeanor is becoming so weird and it attracts small talks from other staff members. She does her work diligently as usual but faster than she normally did. She is in love and cannot hide her feelings. Erica decides to go back to bed after her discussion with Beauty. She needs to rest after the stress. She wants to enjoy every bit of her break.

Beauty closes from work at 6pm and gets a call from Chris on her way home. She is excited and tells him that she cannot wait to meet him. She gets home and decides to give her best friend, Erica, the full gist regarding Chris' call. Erica is happy for her because she knows that Beauty loves Chris genuinely. She is happy to see her friend happy after numerous heartbreaks. 

Few years ago, Beauty was in love with a young man named Kelvin. She loved him wholeheartedly. Beauty could be regarded as a lover girl because she gave her all to the relationship. She was planning her marriage with Kelvin when she found out that he was married and had been deceiving her. She had been deceived after two break-ups. 

Beauty was healing from her relationship with Kelvin when she met Chris in an official meeting where she was representing her company. They exchanged numbers when they met coincidentally the second time in an eatery. Beauty introduced her best friend, Erica, to him and they exchanged pleasantries casually. Chris excused the two friends to enjoy themselves. Beauty was talking about Chris all through their stay in the eatery. 

Chris gets back from his journey and he calls Beauty to meet up with him. Beauty is gorgeously dressed. She wears the outfit she got for the date and picks the perfect perfume. She barely slept a day before. Chris meets with Beauty and they hug after exchanging pleasantries. He tells her he has something he wants to tell her. They eat and decide to go for a walk. While walking, Beauty is smiling and it makes her dimples evident.

They get to a wall and decide to take a break. Chris hands over the flowers to her. She tells him she likes it. 

Chris replies her, “Thank you so much. I’m sure Erica would love it.” 

    “Yes, she is my baby. She is really happy for me,” Beauty replies. 

    “Happy for you?” Chris asks with a laugh. “I don’t understand what you are talking about. I think I should get straight to the point. I love Erica and I want you to help me talk to her.”

   “Are you a joker? You are a man of many talents,” Beauty says laughingly.

    “I’m not joking. I love your friend,” Chris says in a serious tone. 

Beauty replies with rage in her voice. “Are you mad? My friend!” she says, hitting him with the flower. 

She destroys the flowers. She falls on the floor, crying like a baby. Suddenly, as if controlled by some forces, she says, “A whole comrade like me, nothing has happened. We move. If you can’t have me, you can’t have my friend.” She winks and then leaves the scene.

Chris is trying to picture what happened, and then he starts laughing because he remembers that Beauty tapped him and said, “If you can’t have me, you can’t have my friend because you can’t disgrace me. You rejected me today. I believe you are under the influence of alcohol. I will call you tomorrow to continue the conversation. Till then I love you.” 

    “Is this love by force?” Chris asks as he walks away.

a lady holding a flower in a way that it shows that she is not happy with her fellow lover


Readersketch | ed. Adesola OluwaFemi

© 2022 Similoluwa Ifedayo. All Rights Reserved.






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