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Hunting Past

Author  Similoluwa Ifedayo

To: Knox April
Date: 4 April 2019 06:56:54 - 0500

You have been accepted to participate in the competition. The competition commences on 6 April 2019. Thank you, all the best.

"What, hmm?" Knox April frowned at the hard copy of the letter. She'd never taught that the competition would commence so soon, but she had no trouble preparing for the competition because she was a talented and skillful dancer.

"I am gifted and there is no limit to my talent" Knox April said loudly to herself. 

"April, April, April" Aunt Sarah called. 

"Ma!" April replied. 

'What have you been doing?" 

"I have been cleaning the house", she replied. 

"Okay, what are you doing now?" Aunt Sarah asked with a serious tone.
"Nothing really, I just received........" Aunt Sarah interrupted and collected the letter. She read the letter for about five minutes. She read the letter several times with so much sorrow in her heart and she became sad.

"Aunt Sarah, I wanted to show you the letter later because I didn't want you to be sad. Please don't get mad at me." April looked really sad as she talked to her aunt.

 "I'm not mad at you, I am only worried that you would get hurt in the process and I don't want you to suffer for us."

"Aunt Sarah, you are my family and you have always been a good mother to me right since the time my mother and father kicked the bucket. I was only eight years old when I lost them and I am now twenty-two years old, I really want to help my family."

 "Okay, fine. I know that you want to help your family, but I have not agreed with you, for now you are not going for the competition." Aunt Sarah said with determination.

"I can win the competition."

"I know that you can win because you are a warrior and your mom also had the talent of dancing, she also had no limit. My dear", aunt said touching my hair, looking straight into my eyes, the way a man in love would look into his lover's eyes. The atmosphere was full with love, pain, indifference. "You can only understand very little of what I am saying because everything I am saying is over your head." She left for the kitchen.
I felt really bad, when it comes to understanding her; I was completely at the sea. I was scared that she would force me to get married to a man I don't want to be with. Just like Beauty. I really don't want to live a life like that, I was so scared for myself. I really don't like commitment. I can't get married to someone I don't love. The road of love is too wide for me to worry about. 

Those thoughts ran through my head, I had to stop thinking and start planning the day. I left the house at exactly 10:00am for Uncle Kelvin's shop; Uncle Kelvin is Aunt Sarah's husband. I really want to go for the competition, I cried out. 
"April, how are you?" asked Uncle Kelvin.
"I'm good sir", I wanted to start crying. I actually started crying.
"I want to go for the competition." After so many convincing words he agreed and assured me that he would talk to Aunt Sarah. I was so happy. Time was no longer on our side, and it was really the right time to go home.
"I'm tired"

My name is Isabel Michelle, I am a young, outspoken, beautiful lady. I am nineteen years old. I have two brothers and a sister from a different mother and a different father, it took me time to realize that life isn't a bed of roses, and also to realize that Richard, who I call Uncle Richard is my brother probably because we don't look alike or because my father hates him or probably because he was brought home by my mother.

Story continues!!! Watch out


Hunting Past

© 2021 Similoluwa Ifedayo. All Rights Reserved

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