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Meant To Be


meant to be, Ajagbe Ayodeji, Every love story begins when two people meet and ends when they separate. But their love story ended the day they met because it was their destiny to separate. Definitely, a broken heart is the worst. It is like having a broken ribs, nobody sees it, but it hurts every time you breathe. When trust is broken, sorry means nothing. Meant To Be is an embarrassing story of love and trust meant to be told, story, story of love, Readersketch, sad, embarrassing, sex, like, romance, books

Meant To Be

(Part 1)

Chapter One

"You can make the payment at the microfinance bank." The level adviser said again.

I quickly grabbed my bag and my file and I left the office.

My name is Oluwatimileyin Turner but you can call me Timmy Turner to make things easier. Being my first day at the University of Ilorin, I went there with my uncle to register and pay all necessary fees and I was given all necessary documents including the dress code bulletin with the level adviser reminding me perhaps, for the hundredth time not to dress shabbily or irresponsibly to school, failure to comply will have me face the school disciplinary committee. I can remember clearly till date, my first journey into the school: it was so big, beautiful and green, it has a teak plantation of on both sides of the road. I could not believe my eyes when we got to the dam first then the stadium. We were directed to Block three where we met with the level adviser. The level adviser went through my files and checked my o'level result, birth certificate and state of origin certificate before approving that I go for the final admission process.

"Mr Jokotoye, the acceptance fee costs forty five thousand naira sir." The level adviser said.

My uncle's jaw dropped in surprise like he couldn't believe his ears.

"The fee changed due to the new vice chancellor who got transferred here." The level adviser added.

My uncle nodded and logged in into my portal to make the payment. After the payment was made, we made to leave and the level adviser walked us off to where our car was packed. When we got into the car, my uncle and I talked about how being a student of University of Ilorin will look like.

Our car parked in front of the CBT pavilion after a seven minutes drive and we stepped out. At that time, the sun had fully taken its position in the sky. White fluffy clouds drifted across the blue sky as the sun beamed beautifully, casting a golden glow upon the earth. Different cars were parked outside with different students and lecturers stepping out of them. Some students even drove themselves to school. My uncle and I just stared and look around.

"Let's look for the New Science Lecture Theater Two" I said. The level adviser had already told us about the lectures and timetable. My uncle walked towards the Statistics departmental office while I entered into the huge building which stood directly opposite the CBT pavilion. I kept on passing all the offices in the basementand on my way i met many international students along the way.

After about five minutes of wandering, I finally saw the new science lecture theater two. I climbed the staircase and entered into the lecture theater. At first, everything seemed so different in the university. I looked around the lecture theater, it was filled with red cushion seats and wooden desks. There were also air conditioners stationed in every corner of the lecture theater with a projector at the podium. The lecture theater was filled with almost five hundred students and I somehow felt lost and out of place.

Everyone in the lecture theater were lost in whatever it was that they were doing and no one noticed me until one girl looked at me and pointed at me and then the girls around her began staring at me too. I became really scared not knowing what to do. just then a man in his mid-fifties came into the lecture theater I guessed he is the lecturer. Everywhere became silent as he pointed at me. "Find somewhere to seat young man." He said calmly. I walked to where the girl was sitting. I got to the seat and a very beautiful girl was sitting there. She smiled at me and uttered "good morning". The seat was positioned at the middle of the lecture theater, people were still muttering as I dropped my bag and sat down.

"How are you?" The girl asked in a fluent English accent.

"I'm doing just fine, how about you?" I replied smiling back at her.

"I'm fine too. My name is Ayokanmi but you can call me Ayo." She said smiling back at me.

"I'm Timmy." I said

"You introduced yourself at the level adviser's office.... Remember?" Ayokanmi said cutting me off.

"Yeah," I looked at her hand and saw the book she was reading it was 'Sad Love Story By Ajagbe Ayodeji' it then brought back memories from the level adviser's office.


"Wow! I've read this book before." She said moving closer to me

"Really? This is my favorite among Ajagbe Ayodeji's books." I said closing the book in a bid to attend to her.

"Yeah, me too. So which chapter are you in?" She asked.

"Nah! I'm not telling.... I don't need a spoiler" I laughed at her.

"Alright then." She paused for a while and then continued. "So do you read novels alot?"

"Yeah, I do. I write too just for the fun of it. I was called Prof in my high school days" I said and we both laughed.

"Really?" I love people who write and I love creative people too. Please do well to remind me to read one of your books." She said

"Most of them are on Wattpad and I'm on Wattpad as The_Ayodimeji. Follow me and you'll get to read all my stories." I replied.

"Sorry I didn't catch your name" She said as she made to leave the level adviser's office.

"I'm Timmy." I smiled graciously at her.


After the end of the MAT115 class, I left the lecture theater to meet my uncle. I bumped into a girl at the doorstep and her books and phone fell off her hand. "I'm in danger" I said silently thinking the girl will be mad at me but instead, she just smiled.

"I'm sorry," I said feeling quite remorseful

"It's fine," she replied and I bent down to help her in packing her books. She bent down too and we packed the books together. I arranged her books and handed them back to her.

"Here's your phone too." I said handing over her phone back to her.

"I'm Favour, how about you?" She asked

"Uhmm.... I'm Timmy." I replied

"Nice name you got there," she replied

"So what department are you Timmy?" She asked leaning towards the wall.

"Plant Biology." I said sharply

"Wow!" She exclaimed "I am a student of Plant Biology too" She replied.

I hadn't checked her face since we started talking. I managed to steal a gaze from her toes to her head. "Not bad" I said to myself. She has a well braided and neatly packed hair; she is dark and a bit chubby; she's of average height and has a set of clean, white teeth too. She wore a wine t-shirt and a black short skirt which revealed her figure eight shaped hips and thighs. She also had a big ear ring on. So big that one could easily slid his hand in.

"Timmy" she called out and her voice brought me back to reality, "See ya later" she added and waved at me.

Chapter Two

It's been three weeks after resumption and life on campus has been a great one. The friendship between Ayokanmi and I became so close that we even visited each other's hostel to spend the weekend.

My hostel is small compared to Ayokanmi's. She lives in a suite. Well, that's to keep you sucked in.

It was actually a cool Tuesday morning, I woke up to the sound of my clock's alarm blaring loudly. I got up and snoozed the alarm. I looked at the other bunk and saw my roommate still sleeping like a log of wood. I tapped him several times until he woke up.

"Arrrgh.... It's morning already?" He asked amidst yawns "time really flies, especially at nights" He added as he got up to observe his daily morning devotion. I walked to my small bookshelf and took my Bible. I read my devotional book and prayed in silence. After the morning devotion, I went to the bathroom to have my bath. I turned the shower and the sound system on, I played ‘Helplessly' by Tatiana Manaois and sang along in the shower. I knew all the lyrics to the song because it was the song in vogue then.

"It's not that easy with you here
But I know I want you to stay
See this could be us in a few years
But just admit you like to play
It's like everyday
I'm kicking rocks
I could fly away
But you got me at a complete stop
How do you
Manage to keep me going
But somehow you keep me from going
See you distract me, but I'm distracted without you
I don't know how to focus baby teach me how to
Cause I'm standing still again
But if you love me, just like the way that I love you
I wouldn't mind a little comforting from you
Why do I let you in my head?
And I gotta go sometimes, but you're always on my mind
You're not helping me
You're not helping me
You're not helping me
You're not helping me
You're not helping me
But I helplessly fall, for you
Now I'm running late
And I'm not a coffee drinker
But I lost sleep just thinking of you
So pour me a cup
I need to wake up
I need me some love
Now give it to me
Cause everywhere you go I'll follow you
I'll give you all of me, give me all of you
I gotta go sometimes
But you're always on my mind
See you distract me, but I'm distracted without you
I don't know how to focus baby teach me how to
Cause I'm standing still again
Cause if you love me, just like the way that I love you
I wouldn't mind a little comforting from you
Why do I let you in my head?
And I gotta go sometimes, but you're always on my mind
You're not helping me babe
You're not helping me babe
But I fall helplessly for you, for you
You're not helping me babe
You're not helping me babe
But I fall helplessly for you, for you."

"Timmy, you're the best singer but only in the shower." My roommate said sarcastically.

At 7:30am, I left my hostel and headed to the lecture theater where I have lectures fixed at 8:00am and I wouldn't miss it for anything in the world.
I got to the school park and of course, the place was bustling with activities but time wasn't on my side. I walked past the crowd at the park with my airpods fixed firmly in my ears. I was soon out of the world listening to Morenikeji by Konstant when suddenly I felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned to look back only to see Favour panting and breathing heavily like she had just been chased by a dog.

"Heyy Favour! What's up with you?" I beamed

"I'm not fine," she cut in sharply "been running and calling after you since and you didn't answer me" She replied sounding quite angry.

"Oh, really?" I said pulling her towards me under the shade "I was actually running to get a front seat at the lecture theater and aside that, I have my airpods on that's why I couldn't hear you." I said flashing an apologetic look at her.
"Oh.... I don't know," she replied and we walked down to the class together.

The first and the last time I saw Favour was three weeks ago, my first day at school when we bumped unto each other at the lecture theater. We exchanged contacts instantly and I promised to stay in touch with her. We arrived at the lecture theater and the lecturer came in, although a bit late than the fixed time. He gave his lecture and left when it ended. My class ended at 5:00pm that day and I went to Nutri-C, a refreshment spot on campus located opposite Zamfara female hostel to get something to fill up my empty stomach. I ordered for a meat pie and an orange drink as soon as I got there. I was about taking a bite from my meat pie when I saw Ayokanmi and two of her friends heading towards the school market. I waved and called their names repeatedly until they saw me. Ayokanmi hugged me as soon as we got close, I exchanged pleasantries with her friends too as they occupy the vacant seats around the table.

"Didn't see you in class today. Where have you been?" Ayokanmi queried.

"Uhm... I was with Favour." I replied expecting her ask who Favour is.

"Okay, it's fine... So tomorrow is February fourteenth," Ayokanmi grinned.

"Yeah, I know. Is tomorrow your birthday?" I asked trying to tease her.
"No jhoor," she said throwing me a playful punch on the shoulder.

"Tomorrow's Valentine's day and I am your val. So you're taking me out tomorrow right?" She said while searching for an answer in my eyes, she was expecting me to say a 'yes, no problem'

I brought out my diary from my bag and flipped through the pages to check my schedule for February fourteen and I read the contents out, loud and clear. "We will finish lectures by 5pm as usual," I said rolling my eyes "and I'll definitely be tired due to the stress by the time I get back to my hostel" I complained. Ayokanmi said she wasn't interested in my 'okoto - meow' and excuses. She pressed on till I agreed to go on a date with her at Soundbar, a night club located around the government reserved area to celebrate the lovers' day. We finished our snacks and I went to the cashier to settle a bill for four.

"Ayokanmi, are you going to your hostel now? Let me walk you off" I whispered, thinking how grand i sounded

"Yes, I am going now. Ain't you going too?" She asked, just for clarifications.
"I'm going too," I answered, nodding my head in affirmation.
Ayokanmi and I walked together to the school park with her hand and mine clasped into each other, oblivious to our surrounding. We spoke at length and laughed at intervals; we had totally forgot that our friends, Oluwatobi and Mary were far behind us.

"Timmy! Now you're taking our friend away from us" Mary said from a distance behind us. I didn't bother to give her a reply. I just ignored and continued my discussion with Ayokanmi.
"Don't mind her dear" Ayokanmi whispered gently and held my hand more tightly.

Chapter Three

"Ololufe, Angel of my life
For the love I have it's so real (It's so real)
How can I be your Mr Right?
Baby, what I feel is so strong
Ife ife ife
You are the apple of my eyes
Ife ife ife
I'm gonna love you till I die
Ololufe mi, Jowo
I'm thinking about that day
It will be just you and I
Will you be my wifey?
I go be your wifey
Angel of my lifey
Angel of my lifey
Will you be my wifey?
I go be your wifey
Aramo na mo

Iwo ni mo fe the lover of my life
Nobody compares to you
Na you be my life o
I go be your wife o
Baby, I go die for you
Na you be my joy and my happiness
Baby, it is you and nobody else
Obinmo, oko mi
I just want to let you know
Ife ife ife
You are the apple of my eyes(the apple of my eyes)
Ife ife ife
I'm gonna love you till I die (I'm gonna love you till I die)
Ololufe mi, Jowo
I'm thinking about that day it will be just you and I
Will you be my wifey?
I go be your wifey
Angel of my lifey
Angel of my lifey
Will you be my wifey?
I go be your wifey
Aramo na mo
I'm thinking about that day
It will be just you and I (just you and I)
I'm dreaming about that day
It will be just you and I
I'm wishing, baby
It's just you and I (wishing oh, oh)
Taking over the world
Just you and I
You and I
Ololufe uhhhh......"

Aside writing stories, I think I enjoy singing in the shower more than anything else and my roommate always make sarcastic jokes about that. Jokes like," when are you going to release your bathroom album boy?" And “shey una no go feature Justin Bieber like this?" I however see these comments as encouragements. After morning shower, I took my time to dress up since there won't be any morning lecture to attend on Valentine's day. I searched my wardrobe frantically for what to wear. To put on red and white isn't even one of it. After the frantic search for what to wear, I decided to wear a red t-shirt and a blue crazy jean and it really looked good on me. I stormed out of my hostel and bought a flower for Ayokanmi along the way. I presented it to her at the skyway as soon as we saw each other.

“Awwwn... Thanks darling," Ayokanmi blushed and hugged me. We hugged for about three minutes when Mary came to intrude.

“Ah ahn Ayokanmi! Leave am nah, e don do." She said in Pidgin English.

"Look who's pained now," Ayokanmi replied jokingly.

"Mtcheeew," Mary hissed and left for BLL angrily. I could read jealousy written all over her. From the first day I met her, I've had this feeling that she doesn't like me but who cares? I just wanna have a good time with my bestie.

Slowly but eventually, Ayokanmi released me and headed for the bank area. She told me earlier that she'd be visiting the ATM gallery later in the day. "Don't forget about our date this evening." She reminded me and then left for the bank area. I smiled sheepishly.

Since there was no one to talk to, I helped myself by seating on one of the vacant seats at the skyway. Some other freshmen were there too. Just then Fred, Paul and Kenny came to sit beside me and started their discussion. I had seen them earlier coming out of the biology laboratory.

"I seriously don't understand the concept of what everyone is celebrating today. It seems a lot of fakeness and lies to me." Paul said and shrugged his shoulders.

"Do you even understand the general concept of Valentine?" Fred quizzed and tapped Paul repeatedly on the shoulder.

"Yeah, sure. I do understand the general concept of Valentine but what I don't understand is what everyone is celebrating today." Paul paused and then continued. "What exactly are they celebrating? Don't even tell me they're celebrating love because ninety five percentage of people ain't even in love. They're only in lust."

Kenny turned facing Fred. "You can't even give proper love, you can't give your commitment to your partner, never. You will never pledge your alliance to a weaker person around you, you will never level mountains and dry oceans for the one you claim to love, you can never turn the desert into rainforest and rain forest into a desert for the one you're in a relationship with. You can never take a bullet for your lover. So what exactly are you now capping about valentine? Just tell me." 

It was now obvious to me that Kenny and Paul were attacking Fred. I just stood beside them listening to whatever they had to say.

"You're not affectionate... Not one bit. Your romantic status is on a shaky level. You know that. All it takes for you to get tired of that girl is for you to have sex with her." Paul added and he seemed to have nailed the point.

"What's funny about these girls is that, they know that you are with that guy because he has money. They know that they are with that guy because he's cute without brain. What are you all now shouting about this morning Fred? Does that even look like love to you?" Kenny whispered buttressing Paul's point.

"Your relationship is not a priority to you because, you do not even love yourself. Bringing someone else into that space is because you want something like sex, money, punching bag, a cook, show off... And I believe your love story will soon come to an end. There's nothing special about today for both of you, you are not even married yet. Each of you know how clueless you are, you just don't have any idea how big it is." Paul finalized.

Just then, Abdumaleek our class representative came to announce the commencement of a class at science lecture theater.
The class ended so quickly and the day seemed a great deal. I walked down to the bank area to withdraw some cash that I will use for my date with Ayokanmi. I went back to my hostel to prepare. Once it was ten minutes past six pm, I had a quick shower and changed my clothes. I combed my air and added few perfume oils to smell nice. I headed to Ayokanmi's hostel to pick her up and when I got there, I was amazed at what I saw.

Ayokanmi's golden ringlets tumbled down her shoulders and back, bouncing with the strides of her long legs. The sun, as if programmed to do so, splashed into her pale face, causing her shadow to spill out and display her thin frame on the passage behind her. She had a smile on her face too. As her brown eyes seemed to gleam across the corridor, she had a beam of joy dashing inside of her. She took a finger and brushed her black colored hair aside as she walked. The bright red lipstick on her lips matched the red jacket she wore. The heals on her feet clicked and clacked along the hostel corridors. Her blue purse rested between her fingers, carrying the items she needed for the outing.

"Don't be gone for too long Ayokanmi," Mary shouted from her room.

"Alright, I won't..." Ayokanmi replied and smiled at her.

We set out to the club after our Uber arrived. When we got there, we met some lovers there too. Some were in the swimming pool, some were at the suya stand, some were playing snookers while some sat in the club. Slowly, we found our way to the club auditorium. The light in the club was dim just the way I like it with arrays of lights flashing across the DJ stand. 

"Ladies stop fronting, guys stop slacking.... Get on the dancefloor." The DJ announced over the speaker. ED Sheeran's perfect was being played. The speakers volume were moderate. Not too loud and not too low. The music was soft too, allowing me to get lost in the moment. The setting was just perfect. I ordered for two plates of rice with coleslaw and valeta fruit wine. Ayokanmi and I both sat down at a table and enjoyed our date.

"Thank you very much for today," Ayokanmi said as we made to leave the club. 

"Don't mention..." I winked and held her close to me then stretched my arms around her waist.

"Awwww.... They look cute together," a lady of our age bracket told her female partner and they exchanged a kiss. Ayokanmi goggled and I smiled.

Chapter Four 

It's been six months since my life took a painful downward spiral. I was so happy with my life at first. I had all I could ask for. The best friend, the most loving and best parents in the world, the most supportive uncle, all in all, my life was perfect when compared to the one I live now.

In my freshman year as a university undergraduate, just some months after resumption, my life took a turn for the worst. My best friend, Ayokanmi stopped talking to me, family troubles arose and I also faced problems on my own and I'd do anything, virtually anything to have the smallest grasp of the life I once lived.

Here's how it all began;

Four days after Valentine, my Dad lost his job as the Permanent Secretary, in the Oyo state ministry of education. He was a senior officer, a level seventeen officer for that matter. He stole a big sum of money meant for project monitoring from the state government and luckily, he wasn't arrested. He was only fired.

All our properties were seized, the cars, the houses and our private schools. We ended up being broke. My life had suddenly turned around from rich to poor, from grace to grass and I had to shamefully move out of my self contained apartment to a one room apartment at Oke Odo to save money for my upkeep. My dad on the other hand made life unbearable for my mom and my siblings. My siblings couldn't resume school but I had to, because I didn't want to risk another academic year staying at home.

My once peaceful home was now a shadow of its former self because we had to change location from Oluyole Estate, an estate reserved mostly for rich people in Ibadan to Oluyole Extension. A small undeveloped area which was an extension of Oluyole Estate. In the early weeks of the third month, my Dad left us. We woke up one day and found his wardrobe empty. He'd left when the shame was becoming so unbearable for him to bare.

I resumed back to school again. My mom promised that nothing will stop my education.

When I got back to school, I noticed that Ayokanmi's attitude had changed towards me. She now behaves really weird and differently from the Ayokanmi i used to know. Each time I call her number, she doesn't pick up nor does she return the missed calls and whenever she does, it was always Mary yelling at me on the phone. I doubled up and went to her hostel several times, she doesn't invite me in. Mary is the one always attending to me most times and she'd tell me Ayokanmi isn't around. This continued for about two weeks until I decided to visit her again one rainy evening. It had just finished raining and it was still drizzling when I got to Ayokanmi's hostel. I decided not to knock on the door after about four minutes outside in a bid to observe the situation of things. I could hear the three of them gisting and laughing then I got the courage to knock on the slightly opened door and immediately, there was silence. It was so silent that one could hear a pin drop. I knocked again, silently this time and Mary came out.

"What?" She said stone faced like someone who had just fired a bazooka.

"I'd like to have a word with Ayokanmi." I said shivering. Mary looked at me from head to toe and saw that I had been beaten by the rain.

"Ayokanmi is not around nah!? What's your problem seff?" Mary yelled at me. "Timmy look at me very well," she said pointing at her half closed eyes" just in case you're too blind to read an eye signal and you're too dumb to read a body language... Let me make it clear to you that you are not welcome here anymore."  Mary finalized her statement and pushed me off the first floor of their hostel where their room was situated. I came crushing on the hard concrete floor really quick. I hit my head against the concrete pillar supporting a pole and blood started gushing out of my forehead. I sustained few injuries on my leg and a broken arm. The gateman who was an eye witness thought I was dead and came rushing towards me.

"Allah! Allah!! Allah!!!" He kept screaming as he knelt down beside me.

"Urghh," I groaned in pains as I gently opened my eyes.

"Alhamdulillah! har yanzu yana da rai" the gateman said in Hausa language. "Abdullahi, Don Allah, ba ni ruwa da zane." He called out, and a young boy of about eight years came running with a bowl of water and a white towel strapped on his shoulder. He used the towel to clean up my forehead where I was bleeding and sprinkled water on me so I can regain my consciousness.

When I was fully sure I have regained consciousness, I thanked the gateman and the kid Abdullahi for saving me and then left the hostel. While on the road again, I met Plato and Premier and almost instantly, Plato noticed the bruises on my face and my broken arm.

"Oh boy! What's wrong with you?" Plato asked searching for clues in my eyes. He knew something was not right.

"It's nothing, It's nothing really. Just had a misunderstanding with a friend and uhm, I fell off while climbing the stairs." I lied with a shaky voice.

"You fell off or you were beaten up by those girls?" Premier added sarcastically and then laughed out loud.

"Lol, no oh. I wasn't beaten up" I replied "it's something personal actually." 

"Timmy? Na girl do you like this?" Plato quizzed and laughed uncontrollably too. When he was done laughing, he sat me down on the pavement of Peace Hostel and dished out series of advises.
"See ehn, you are just in 100L Timmy and you need to be very careful especially with the girls you relate with and focus more on your education, that's your primary assignment here in University of ilorin. Anything asides that is just side attractions and they are meant to distract you huh." He paused and then continued "Most girls in your level are young and immature and they don't have a true knowledge of what a relationship is and I'm very sure getting played is the least thing on your mind right?"

"I think he should focus more on the books he writes too." Premier cuts in "I mean, I read his stories on Wattpad last night and this boy is quite good. He only needs to get certain things right" He said facing Plato.

"He needs to work more on his English and use of words and then he's good to go." Plato added and patted me on the shoulder.

"Thank you very much Premier, thank you Plato, I appreciate." I said looking downward" and that reminds me, I'd love if you can help me proofread my book." I winked.

"You're not serious boy! Are you supposed to be telling me now? Anyways, bring it to A-plus. I'll be there teaching the A-level students tomorrow." He said

"Okay thanks," I said and we both parted ways.

Chapter Five

The next day was a Thursday and I had to rush to the faculty office to submit my matriculation oath form to the faculty oath officer. After that, I also had a three unit course to attend. Our class representative, Abdumaleek had announced on our departmental WhatsApp group that CHM115  will be holding at the geology lecture theater and the lecturer will take attendance of students that attended the lecture. 

After the lecture had been concluded, I left the geology lecture theater for the school library to revise the week's lecture. I was at the science lecture theater when I heard a tiny voice called my name. I looked back and saw Favour trying so hard to catch up with me. We exchanged greetings and she started the conversation.

"Uhm Timmy, do you understand the MAT115  topic Sadeeq taught yesterday?" Favour said. She seemed to have run out of breath

"Oh, the sequence and series?" I asked.... And then thought for a while before answering her again. "Yes, I do."

"Okay, can you please explain it to me? I didn't get Sadeeq's explanation at all. And the Matrix Precious taught last week too, I don't seem to understand too." Favour begged holding her two cheeks.

"Uhmmmm.... Okay, there's no problem." I replied.

I am not even a mathematics guru, not even close to one but here I am saying 'yes, no problem' to Favour just to appear bright to her.

"Okay, thanks." She said.

 Favour walked me down to the library and we both fixed a convenient date to start the tutorial. She chose weekend and her hostel as the tutorial venue.

On Saturday, I went to Favour's hostel as agreed. I went along with some MAT115 materials I got at store two a day before and my MAT115 note. Favour was already waiting for me when I got there and I apologized for being so late. Just like Ayokanmi, Favour lived in a suite too with a fully furnished and well painted room. Her apartment was painted pink with a touch of creamy colour. She had a mini air conditioner which hanged on the wall solemnly and a Samsung liquid crystal display plasma television hung on the wall opposite her king sized mattress. It shows in her that her parents are rich and she got enough attention from them being the first, female child in the family of three.

Fast forward, we started the tutorial and it was much more easier than I thought because Favour knew next to nothing in the course and I started by performing my-feel-good magic by teaching her the basics and the simple things in the course.

"Favour!?" I screamed. Snapping my fingers furiously at her face.

"Were you even listening to my explanations?" I looked at her confused. 

"Oh!" She said as she jolted back to reality and rubbed her eyes several times.

You just came out of a daydream or life meditation so to say, will you magically be able to know what I've been saying since you were lost in your thoughts. "No" I said closing the MAT115 textbook in my hand.

"I'm sorry Timmy." Favour begged playfully and rubbed her palms with mine.

"Ahn ahn!" I said with a sour expression on my face. "You really need to concentrate! So after wasting my time to explain the value of X in the equation I'll have to go over it again? Ugh!" I groaned rubbing my face with my palms. Favour chuckled at my childish display of frustration.

Okay, so Favour is my new best friend. We had kept our conversation at 'hello-hello' since we bumped onto each other at the lecture theater but then became best of friends after Ayokanmi messed up. Favour is a Christian, a devoted Christian but I am not. She is nice and jovial. I am always moody and nowhere close to being nice. She's gentle too but I'm the opposite. I flare up at the slightest provocation. I might keep to myself a lot, but that doesn't make me gentle. Favour is a polite and a down-to-earth person. That's a no go area for me. You mess up, I treat your fuck up straight.

"Favour, listen. I was saying that, to get the derivative of X in question three..." I pointed the tip of my pen to question number three "we have to raise the power of X to the power of two and then divide it by four...."

"Can we just leave MAT115 now? I don't think my brain is in the mood for that course oh." Favour complained running her fingers through her long, black hair.

"So brain have moods now bah?" I asked searching her eyes. "You know what Favour? I'd just drop it. But tomorrow, whether you like it or not, we'll finish this topic." I sighed in defeat and nodded just to respect her decision.

"Of course! We'll definitely finish this topic tomorrow. It's not like I can avoid mathematics when Timmy Turner is around." She teased and laid down on the mattress with her ass touching my knee.
"It's not even as if it's assignment oh! The questions are just past questions from last session." She added.

"That aside, I'm hungry...." I said opening the DailyPress app on my phone to read Ajagbe Ayodeji's books.

"Okay, so what would you like to eat? Or where should we go for lunch? Asuu restaurant or item7?" She asked putting away the textbooks, notebooks and the scientific calculator.

"Asuu restaurant kwa? Duh!" I said and rolled my eyes playfully" let's go to item7" I added.

Favour gave me a crushing blow while feigning anger. "Don't you roll your eyes at me." She said and I laughed.

"This girl is just crazy," I said silently.

"So what should I wear?" I definitely can't wear this. She said pointing at the strapless top and bumshort she wore. Some minutes later, clothes began to fly out of her wardrobe. She picked up her desired cloth and walked to the mini changing room beside her room.

Once she was done changing into a blue denim jacket, white tank top, blue ripped jean (carefully ripped around the knee alone) and black Nike Air Jordan, she came out of the changing room.

I looked at her in surprise, unable to close my mouth. "This is absolutely stunning."

"Thanks, you don't look bad yourself." She said and placed her hands on her hips. 

We got outside her hostel and stopped a cab to convey us to item7. I sat quietly in the rickety, jerky taxi.

"Ugh!" Favour said to the driver. "This car is so slow and dirty as well." 

The car stopped in front of a huge, tall, black building with people lined up in a queue. 

Favour ordered five large chicken wings with two plates of extra rice with coleslaw and two Hollandia yoghurt.

Chapter Six

Ring.... Ring........ Ring...... Ring..... Ring

"Ugh"  I groaned as I simultaneously turned from my favourite sleeping position and put a pillow over my head but the alarm was still sounding, as loud as it can.
I got up reluctantly from my mattress and looked at the time. It was just five minutes after six.

"Why did I even set the alarm this early? I should have set it to something like forty five minutes after six." I said to myself

I got up from my bed knowing fully well that I won't be able to go back to sleep again and strolled to the community borehole behind my hostel to get water for my bath. I got back and showered before changing my clothes. A blue shirt, black face cap, a black pair of trouser and a black jacket.

Of course, I had to wear rain jackets always due to the heavy rainfalls and extreme cold weathers in Ilorin. Though the lecture theaters were always hot during the day but it didn't change anything that much but outside the lecture theatres? It's a different story entirely.

I laid down on my mattress again and picked up my iPhone 6s model phone and began to watch some Instagram comedy skits from Lasisi Elenu's page using my airpods.

It was seventeen minutes past seven when I got to school. I lazily got down from the korope allowing the security man at the school gate to search me. Ripped jean and curly hair weren't allowed on campus but we the students have a way of sneaking into the school premises while putting on banned clothings.

Some students even attend lectures with dreads and tinted hairs. 

And in my own opinion, there's actually no point in that. I seriously don't get why the school thinks we should put on only ‘morally' accepted dresses especially when we're not even underage. I rolled my eyes at the thought of that.

"Oya Timmy Turner, enter nah." The security officer said flashing his brown teeth at me which unfortunately had some gap in them. He had seen my name on my school ID card and course form.

"Yeah, I know" I said a little rudely picking up my cross bag, ID card and course form. "Who would even want to stay with you?" I thought to myself.

I got to the lecture room and brought out my wipes from my bag to clean the dusty seats before settling down on it. By that time, the sky had turned black, it seems it was going to rain and it did rain after we had our first lecture, that was immediately the lecturer left. Everyone began to make noise. Abdulrahman and some Microbiology students were dissing themselves, Alima and her cliques of friends were gisting, some laughing. It was just a normal campus routine. At that moment, some voices floated to the front of the lecture room singing...

No one can love you
More than I do
You're my only boo
I feel so flyy
When I see you

"It's Captain Walz and Ibee," I laughed. "Their flow seemed to be on point."
"Silly lyrics," a girl who was sitting behind me said but she laughed too.

Immediately it started raining, I brought out my iPhone from my cross bag and resumed watching the Instagram videos I had saved to watch later.

My phone was snatched from me and I looked up ready to lash the person with words but saw my best friend.

The one and only Favour who must always get to announce her presence whenever she's around me. I merely rolled my eyes and smiled while she danced to imaginary beats as if she won lottery. 

"Give me my phone guyy...." I said

"What's wrong with this one now?" She shook her head and smirked.

"Pleaseeee now..." I said stressing the 'e' 

"Nah.... Nah..... Nah....." She said and continued her dance. 
"Take your phone before you start crying now." She laughed as she returned my phone to me. 

"Anyways, meet my friend Grace." Favour said pointing to a lady standing right behind her. I hadn't noticed her the whole time.

"Hello Grace," I said taking her hand in mine. They were as soft as a baby's butt.

"Grace, meet my bestie, Timmy. He is a writer and the author of 'High School Lovers.' The book that was making rounds on social media last week." Favour said politely.

"Oh Timmy! It's a pleasure meeting you. Favour told me so much about you already. Thanks for all you do." Grace said with a lovely soprano voice flashing her white set of teeth at me. I won't lie, but the girl is finnnnnneeeeeee. Her bright smile was something to die for, her dimples, is it weird that I've always wanted to touch it ever since I set my eyes on her? Since like the very moment Favour introduced her to me, I'd been staring at her. Her eyes, her hair, her shape.... an entirely different level. A nice looking ass with round and well firm boobs that have gotten a lot of feminine care are wonderful toppings on the cake too. She had a figure eight hip curved enough to bring out the shape of her hourglass ass.

But obviously! I wasn't falling for grace. No way! That ain't happening yet. Not now.

I could just not imagine a future with someone I just met. Who even does that? 

The rain ended around forty five minutes past three. It sure had destabilized the day's activities. By that time, Grace and I had started feeling hungry. Favour on the other hand had gone for the departmental Christian fellowship at the Chapel of Light where she had just been elected as an executive. 

I proposed we go have lunch at Buka Tee and Grace agreed.

If falling in love with Grace at first sight is bad, then I guess having her as my lunch partner will be worse. We were meant to be four on a table but it was just two of us. Grace and I. And yeah, I liked that, the way it was just the two of us.

"So Grace, what else do you do aside being a student?" I said placing my fork on my plate.

"I'm into goods importation and I uhm.... Order goods from China and sell them here in Nigeria at a discount price." She said with a mouthful of food in her mouth.

"And why are you in a science class too? For such a bright guy like you who has interest in writing. You should be in art class or don't you think?" She leaned forward in eager conspiracy.

"Uhmm," I murmured. "Plant Biology is a mistake. Me choosing Biology Education during jamb registration and ended up studying Plant Biology is something I will regret for the rest of my life. Not just that Grace," I said tapping her gently by the wrist. "Finding myself in a science class is a terrible mistake on its own."

"Why?" She murmured. "Why did that happen?" 

"I had no one to talk to. I wasn't properly guided." I said.

"How about your parents?" Grace stared at me.

"Business, travels, work here and there. They only cared about money and more money." I said coldly. "Dedicating my youthful years studying a course that I feel so lost and passionless about is something that hurts me badly everyday."

"Oh, sorry about that dear." She said feeling quite sad. "So Timmy, ever since you realized that you made a life altering mistake, what have you done about it?"

"I sat up and owned it. I spoke to people that I feel secured around. People that have a sense of what i am going through." I said quietly, looking around.

"Do you feel secured around me?" She tried to make her voice as meek as possible.

I looked deep into her eyes although a bit surprised she'd just said that but all I could see in her eyes is peace and love.

"Yeah, I do! And I think I've found my peace, my joy and my purpose. I have found something very important to me. I have stepped out of that mistake and i have started making a name for myself." I told Grace after lunch before she left for her hostel.

I had known more about Grace those times we were together and we had quite a lot of things in common just that she prefers Joeboy to Fireboy. 

Grace stays off campus at Tipper Garage.

(Continue to part 2..)

Meant To Be (Novel)

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