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Meant To Be (2)


Part 2
(Continuation from: Part 1)

Chapter Seven

I got back to my hostel that evening and the rain started falling again while on my way back to my hostel. I was slightly beaten by the rain and my books were not left out too. Fortunately for me, my phone didn't get wet as it was a waterproof phone. I dried my wet clothes on the line and carefully placed my wet books on the reading table near the standing fan.

I sat on the mattress thinking about Grace, the girl I had just met. Could it really be love at first sight like I thought? Or was it mere infatuations like Arafat had told me? I think time will tell. But in all sincerity, Grace was beautiful, cool, well behaved and bright. It's very rare these days to see a girl who still have her head on her neck because ladies, these days now believe only in their boobs and ass and talking about those two endowments, Grace wasn't lagging in any of the two. While we were together having lunch at Buka Tee, I tried so hard not to glance at her but she was just too fresh, cool and incredibly neat. Her gentle perfume filled the atmosphere. Her boobs were....... "Shame on you Timmy" I thought to myself bringing myself back to reality. "Your Dad had left you for seven months straight and you're having thoughts like that, you're definitely an unserious fellow."

I came into conclusion that I needed a girl in my life but no! It doesn't have to be Grace. I fought back those thoughts but on a second thought, I felt I needed a girl in my life. I mean, I'm eighteen years already and I once had a perfect relationship with Bukky when I was in high school. Just then, my phone rang and I checked the caller, it was Favour.

"Hey Favourite," I said as I answered the phone.

"Are you home?" She said weakly.

"Uhm... Yeah, I'm home. What's the problem?" I asked.

"No, no problem at all. I just feel so weak, bored and cold at the moment. Can you please come over?" She said and it sounded rather silly to me. It's dark already six thirty two but the discussion still continued.

"Yeah, I can. But that will be later in the night. I am hungry and I need to get something to eat first." I said.

"Don't worry, I cooked rice and fried stew with fish sauce so you can come now." Favour said on phone and hung up.

I was so happy when she made mention of food. Adesola, a guy in my hostel who had been watching me the whole time was surprised at my sudden mood change.

"Shey Bet9ja don pay you ni?" Adesola asked puzzled.

"No oh, not even close to that... Uhm, the UCJ president just called me that my article had been published on the school weekly bulletin." I lied and zoomed off to Favour's hostel. But one thing was still bothering me, wouldn't Favour take me to be a glutton? Or think I don't have money to feed myself? I came into conclusion that I am not responsible for any image of me she had in mind after all, I didn't beg for food from her.

On my way to Favour's hostel, I met Lara, a fellow course mate. We chatted and laughed throughout the walk. Oke Odo streets seemed to have magically changed after it stopped raining. Coloured lights flashed from shops and signboards with words like 'BEEBAH'S HUB, CAKES AND PASTRIES, SUNNAJ RESTAURANT'. Traders selling tomatoes, _ponmo_, _fufu_ and vegetables sat in front of their shops talking, locally made lanterns and candles glowed like a collection of stars on their trays. Cheerful music sounds from different shops and Mp3 players. A guy with a faded afro hairstyle leaned against the wall of an uncompleted building kissing his girl as we crossed the busy road. Just opposite the junction, a boy selling potatoes and banana danced recklessly to the music of popular Nigerian pop star Fireboy.

"Heyy Favour," I said and hugged her. "Are you expecting someone else?" I asked wondering why she was staying outside all alone in the cold weather.

"Nope, wasn't waiting for someone else just you alone. And why did it took you so long to get here?" Favour pointed at the wristwatch on her wrist.

"Oh.... I met Lara on the way here and she insisted on walking with me until she got to where she was going." I said pointing at an hostel behind Favour's hostel.

"Alright then," she said cooly and dragged me inside her room.

She switched on the lights as soon as we got in. She left me in the room and went straight to the kitchen. I examined her carefully from her backside" she's damn sexy" I thought. Favour wore a jean mini skirt which revealed sensitive parts of her thighs and a 'show me your back' top. Her hips were big too. A little bigger than Grace's own which made her look like a river goddess. Her brown colour was an added advantage too.
Favour came back from the kitchen with two plates of rice with fish and hand grinded pepper and placed them on the center table. She then went back to get the table waters from her mini fridge.

"Bon appetit," she said nicely as she adjusted her seat position.

We both ate in silence and after the meal, I broke the silence.

"So, why did you call me to come over again?" I asked resting my back on the mattress.

"I called you because I felt like seeing your face again," she paused searching for the right word to use. "Honestly, I miss you and your wahala." Favour said

"Missed me?" I asked quite confused. That's quite strange, coming from Favour. "But we met in school today before you went for the fellowship. How come you're missing me now when we'll obviously meet in school again tomorrow?" I said and Favour ducked her head shyly. She looked at me strangely like I've said something bad and uncalled for. She sat up, changed her sitting position and laid on the bed with her face up.

I copied her and laid on the mattress the exact way she did. I could feel her hands on me caressing my chest and biceps. I was shocked to the bone marrow reading meaning to what she just did. Before my dull brain could register what was going on, my hand was already on Favour's boobs and the other in-between her thick thighs. They were so soft. My tongue found its way to Favour's mouth and fought for dominance while still caressing her big, round boobs and her shapely smooth thighs.

"Hmmmmmm..." Favour moaned as my hand squeezed her firm ass. My already erected d**k went deep in-between her tight thighs with her nipples pressed hard against my chest as if I wasn't bothered. We continued our hot romance and I fingered her at intervals until pu**y juices came rushing out of her and she claimed to have reached orgasm. It was after our hot romance it dawned on me what just happened. My brain had just registered what happened between Favour and I.
"This isn't right..." I thought to myself. I have sinned against God by engaging in immorality with my best friend and I hated myself for it. When it both dawned on both of us, we sat up and started watching The Johnsons. A TV show on Africa Magic family and Favour noticed that I wasn't happy. I had a sour expression on my face so she broke the silence.

"Timmy! I'm very sorry for what just happened. I did it out of love." She chocked. What else could she say? She sank down unto the mattress.

"For love?" At that moment, I almost hated her. "Does that even look like love to you?"

She broke down in tears "I fell in love with you," she sniffed "I've always been thinking about you ever since the first time we met at the lecture theater. I don't know what's wrong with me and why you're so different too. I haven't felt this way for any guy before Timmy. You are my first love and I want us to be together. I want you to be my happily ever after. I want you to be my lover and I am ready to give my all to you." Favour burst into fresh tears again.
I looked at her face, very surprised. It was sincere. Favour's feeling was sincere and for the first time, I felt for Favour too that I almost cried too in spite of myself. I drew her closer to me and held her in my arms. I asked her out and we became lovers. She loves me and I love her too - so I thought. And we were so fond of each other.

But what about Grace? the girl I have a thing for?
Chapter Eight

Fridays at school was considered not different from Saturdays. Lectures hardly hold and we had free periods most of the time.

During the free periods, I didn't go to the main library to study even though we had our continuous assessments tests coming up in a couple of weeks. I groaned as everyone left the lecture theater leaving me and Oluwatobi, who sat some seats away from me. Her head was on the desk, so I was practically staring at her back. She felt my eyes on her end she looked up.

"Are you checking me out?" Oluwatobi whispered but I heard it clearly.

I laughed. "Sorry, what?"

She gave a weak smile and said nothing afterwards.

"I wasn't checking you out, just wondering why you didn't go for lunch with your friends." I replied

"Hmmm, I'm not hungry. What about you?"

"Well..... I'm waiting for someone"

She nodded and continued what she was doing under the desk.

After fifteen minutes into the free periods, Grace came into the lecture theater. She passed through the front door and I waved at her so she could easily see me. We had met couples of time after Favour introduced her to me.

Grace was a girl you'd fall in love with fifteen miles away except if you're gay but don't argue that, Grace was beautiful and sexy enough to make a gay ni**a fall in love . Grace came over to where I was sitting. She was dressed in a black jean with a white crop top and a black jacket. Her hairs were partly covered with a scarf as the ones at the front ran down a part of her face thus covering her right eye. Her face shone bright like an harmattan sun.

I had developed feelings for Grace although I found it really difficult to admit it and honestly, my feelings for Favour had died. I only loved her as a friend not as a girlfriend but there's a little to what I could do because I don't want to be responsible for breaking my best friend's heart.

Grace finally got to where I was sitting and I offered her a seat beside me.

"Finally," Grace said. She bought meat pie and Fanta for me from store five at the walkway. I quickly gulped down the Fanta out of thirst which resulted in a brain freeze. I held my head and shut my eyes. Grace who was beside me quickly held my hand. She looked really concerned.

"Are you okay?"

"Yeah, I'm fine" I answered as soon as the brain freeze stopped. She just smiled and didn't say anything again. At that time, people had started coming back into the lecture theater. I looked at Oluwatobi and Gabriel who were busy in a silent conversation same with Paul and Mary too. I and Grace were left out.

"Third wheels aren't we?" I asked and I laughed.

"Do you want us to go somewhere else?" She asked

"Sure!" I threw the already empty bottle of Fanta on the floor and followed Grace out. Gabriel and Oluwatobi gave me a suspicious look and I rolled my eyes. They would have assumed something was up between Grace and I.

We walked through the corridors of zoology department till we got to the zoology library, the last office in the block. The library wasn't occupied by anyone. I sat down in a corner of the library. Grace did too, she sat close to me.

"So......." I stressed the word signalling that I was about to start a conversation. "So Oreoluwa is your boyfriend?"

"He was, but not anymore. Oreoluwa is an asshole." Grace spat out. I saw how angry and furious she had become. I wanted to skip the discussion but I didn't.

"But how did you get to know about Oreoluwa? I never mentioned that to anyone."

"I've heard about him," I replied.

"So you believe things based on rumours?" She muttered.

"They weren't just rumours Grace, I've met with Oreoluwa couple of times and I've seen how he acts around everyone. Forget it anyways."

Grace didn't say anything for a while.

"I'm sorry I made you remembered him. I'm sorry for opening your healed wounds." I apologized. I didn't want her to have a wrong impression of me.

"It's okay. Oreoluwa is just going through rough times. He is not always like that."

"Okayy...." I replied feeling a little relived that she didn't pick an offence from what I just said.
"Uhm.... Grace, I'm hoping we can just go beyond this friendship of a thing." I said while holding her hands gently. She laughed really hard and I enjoyed the sound of her mature laughter which warmed my heart. It made her look more beautiful.

"So where should we go beyond just friends?" She added sarcastically.

"Well, I'd love to have your heart and attention and besides, I don't think you have a boyfriend presently."

"Well, yeah I don't have a boyfriend." She replied with a smile on her face. "And for my heart, I don't think I can spare it." She concluded.

I already knew it wasn't going to be easy winning Grace's heart but I have started already and nothin is gonna make me back off.

"I don't necessarily need all your heart. You can keep the part that pumps blood and all. I just need the emotional part of it." I said with a smile too while still keeping an eye contact with her.

Grace laughed and tilted her head. She looked at me with the most charming smile I've ever seen my whole life. I moved closer with my hands on her. I was about to say something when Hussaynah, the librarian came into the library. We changed the discussion.

"So Timmy, do you bring every girl you meet here?" Grace said

"Nope," I said stressing the 'p' "its just you." 

"Wow, thanks," she blushed.

Just then, Maleek our class representative came looking for Grace. 

"Grace, the level adviser said you should come for your final clearance ASAP," Maleek said.

"The level adviser wants to see me. I better get going now Timmy," Grace said.

"Sure, feel free to come here anytime you need to think or be alone," I smiled.

Grace picked up her bag from the bookshelf and hung it on her shoulder. I looked at her again and her glowing, spotless skin made me so weak. 

She looked back at me and said "I guess we'll talk more on Monday"

"Yeah," I said and moved close to her. I planted a kiss on her forehead and then moved back to observe the shock on her face which she later broke into a smile. I smiled in return and she walked towards the exit door.

Chapter Nine

The next working day was a Monday. My alarm had woke me up as usual and I prepared for school. I got to the lecture theatre around 8:00am. There were two securities around the lecture theatre who were on the watch for students who wore contrabands to school. Luckily for me, I wasn't caught even though I wore a ripped jean to school that day.

I met Paul at the lecture theatre and narrated how I spent my weekend and the dream I had to him.

"Please tell me about the dream," Paul had begged.

"Okay, here's how it went." I said looking at Paul in the face.

★ The Dream ★

We entered into a lecture room which wasn't occupied by anyone and Favour handed me a pack with three condoms. I looked at them curiously for a while wondering how on earth I would use them.

She noticed my puzzlement and asked sincerely. "Have you ever used a condom Timmy? Do you even know how to put it on?" 

I blushed and said, "No"

Then she took one condom and tore it opened. She wore it on her thumb as an example. "This is how you wear a condom. You have to make sure it is tight huh?" I was even pissed at that. I was just an innocent young man.

She noticed how shy and confused I was. "You must be a virgin." She said teasingly. 

"Have you ever had sex?" She asked and I said "No." 

She looked around the empty corridor. There was no one. Just the two of us. She called me and opened the door leading to the lecture room. She told me to hurry up.

"We don't have all day," she said and pulled her short skirt up, her pant down and spread her legs as wide as they'd go. She laid on the desk then she told me to wear the condom just like she had told me to wear it.

I did as instructed, and she pulled me close, and oh, yes. There I was, right deep inside her wet, tight p***y.

But in just five minutes, I came and it was just too much. She felt the hot, creamy fluid inside her too and asked me, 

"Did you put the condom on just like I told you?" 

"Yeah, I did! Just like you told me." I replied 

"Let me see," she said

I showed her and she screamed. "Oh f**k. You are supposed to wear it on your dick, not on your thumb you fool." 

I smiled as I finished narrating my dream to Paul. 

"Omorr! Thank God say na dream oh. Na so you go just turn Daddy." Paul laughed out loud and then continued, "That babe is really into you Timmy. Make una no fuck up oh." 

Maybe Paul was right after all, maybe Favour was really in love with me but I wasn't sure If I felt the same way towards her.

I had a great weekend with Favour I must admit, I spent the weekend at her place and we had lots of fun. We went on dates, kissed, hugged, watched Netflix and chilled but didn't have sex. Her love for me had grew much more stronger than I could have ever imagined but my heart wanted someone else, Grace. She was the one I want, she had felt it too but my brain wanted Favour. I sighed at the thought of that.

"Good day class!" The Zoology lecturer said as she entered the class.

"Good day Ma." We all chorused and settled down on our various seats.

"I am not here to give lectures today but to give you the area of concentrations where your continuous assessments test questions will be from and also something to keep you busy for the week."

The whole class grumbled and complained including me.

The lecturer wrote the area of concentrations on the white board and explained the Phylums and Kingdoms to us. She sent out materials to the class representative too and gave us pages to read as well.

I couldn't recall myself being an average student after getting five Fs in my first semester results.

After the day's activities, I walked around the motion ground higgledy piggledy waiting for Grace to show up. I finally found her at the entrance of the main library near a parked car. I walked over to where she stood and we exchanged greetings. I saw that she was trying to draw some images in her notebook from her Zly103 textbook. I helped her with the drawing and it was a 'wow'.  She thanked me in return.

"Are you going home now?" I asked.

"Yeah," she shrugged her shoulders.

Grace and I walked towards the school park with our hands clasped in each other. I was humming Fireboy's ‘what if I say' because I had no idea on how to start a conversation. I have never been this clueless.

Just as we were about to get to the park, Grace whispered into my ears "I love you Timmy."

I froze at her statement and my eyes began to roll like I was dizzy. I was actually shocked and I thought it was just a dream. I pinched myself several times just to make sure it wasn't a dream.

"I love you too Grace." I said with tears filling my eyes. I squeezed her hand and held it tighter than I did before.

"Are you sure?" Grace asked with confusion written all over her.

"Yes, I am very sure. And I will always love you" I replied and tears were already dropping by then.

"So you will not break my heart or will you?" She asked again.

"I swear with my life, I won't break your heart. I will never do that." I said, but within me I know there's a problem.

I was getting really scared like a lot of guys, commitment scares the hell out of me and here I am making promises that I don't even know how to keep.

Dilemma by Nelly and Kelly Rowland was playing from the subwoofer of a pink ice cream van parked behind the Lagos male hostel. We embraced each other that the air between us started to suffocate. We had totally forgotten that we were at the school park and all eyes were on us. Ayokanmi and Mary passed by and made a hissing sound.

"Hi," I said waving at them. I got no reply and they walked away as fast as their legs could carry them.

I laughed silently and I for once in my life, felt like the happiest man alive.

I have to admit that I fell in love with Grace at first sight. Favour had somehow fell in love with me too right from the day we first met. I once thought Favour was a girl out of my league and it's better we remain just friends but Grace was a girl I needed to be with. I can't just watch the love of my life going away with someone else. That ain't happening, never!

Now here is Favour, seriously falling in love with me and me now having an entanglement with her Friend, Grace. To me, I believe nothing was more perfect than having two sweethearts you need most in your life needing you as well and I wasn't going to waste that chance of being happy even if it involved dating two of them separately.

Chapter Ten

The polygamy idea isn't one that excites me. It really freaks me out but I have successfully kept my two girlfriends apart for months without them knowing. I am a bad boy, yeah I take that credit for dating two friends. But on my own confused side, I love them both. I loved Favour but not the same way I loved Grace but I gave both of them equal love and attention they needed.

Within me, I felt being a player wasn't as bad as Paul had warned me about but my conscience kept hunting me. 

What if I get caught one day?
What will actually happen?
Does it mean things will end between Favour, Grace and I including the friendship we built?

These were questions I ask myself whenever I'm alone deep in my own thoughts. I couldn't give answers, no one could give answers, not even Paul. I then made it a prayer point not to get caught. But I was wrong.

It was one hot Tuesday afternoon, Favour had gone to Post Office to get few things she needed and I was alone in my room. I didn't feel like attending lectures that day so I decided to stay back at home. Favour had called me earlier that she'd be coming straight to my hostel from Post Office to spend the evening with me. I had prepared for her visit too and some hours later, she arrived.

I hesitantly looked up at her, the swirls of emotions I saw there made me gasp. Lust and desire. However, before I could ponder on about it further, she yanked me to herself and covered my mouth with hers in a hungry kiss. As our lips crushed together, I felt so different like I was walking on air. It was magic, the way her lips connected with mine. Her mouth was so warm, the caress of her lips softer than I could have imagined and I opened my mouth with a low moan.
Obviously, I was in the mood already and I couldn't wait any longer. I hurriedly undressed her down to her pants. Favour was really sexy and she had a body to die for. I couldn't wait to have her body rocked against mine. That was all I had in mind. 

I grabbed her bikini pants and tried pulling it down, like a gentle man could have done but she held my hand.

"Wait Timmy," she paused for a while and I impatiently listened to what she had to say. "I haven't done this before." She said looking at me deep in the eye. I noticed her eyes were a bit watery too.

"You haven't done what before?" My jaw dropped down in disappointment.

"I am still a virgin." Favour said as I collapsed on the chair. It surprises.

"Do you really mean this? Or you're not just in the mood?" I asked still confused

"I am very serious about it but I love you and I am willing to break my vow just to make you happy." She smiled faintly and dropped her head on my chest while she sat on my laps.

"No, not today darling." I said and I helped her to dress up. Call me a coward but I will never break lady's virginity especially when I am not serious about her. I've heard preaching and read messages about sexual interaction and I know how dangerous it is. Nevertheless, we still had our hot romance and slept off.

When we woke up, it was dead in the evening, we had a quick study session before Favour finally left for her hostel.
Chapter Eleven

The next evening just as I got back from school, my phone rang and I answered it. Favour was on the line.

"Hello baby, I forgot my jotter and my diary at your place when I came over yesterday." Favour said over the phone.

"Oh..." I looked around and saw it on my mattress where we both slept on a day before. "Yeah, it's here" I said while picking it up.

"Okay, I am coming for it right away." She said and hung up almost instantly.

I had to rearrange the room and keep it in neat because I forgot to arrange it before leaving for class that morning.

While cleaning up the room, I heard a faint knock on the door. 

"Favour's here already?" I asked in amazement while walking towards the door. I opened the door and was more surprised to see Grace standing at my doorstep.

She ran towards me and hugged me. We embraced each other tightly. It's been long since I saw her. We only FaceTime anytime she's chanced because she has really been occupied with school works coupled with some other side hustles like business and deliveries and attending church services every Sunday, Tuesday, Thursday and sometimes on Friday too. During weekends, Grace always delivered packages to her customers who had ordered for her goods or work as an event usher whenever she was less busy.

I kissed her on the lips and grabbed her ass. The kiss obliterated all my thoughts. For the first time in forever, my heavy mind was locked into the present. I forgot about my family problems, my poor grades in first semester. I forgot about my relationship with Favour and Manchester United football club who had found it very difficult to get to the top three position on the league table. All my worries were evaporated like water poured on a hot car on a very sunny day.

My usual mode of hurrying from one thing to the next was suspended. I had no wish for the kiss to end at all. 

Drunk on endorphins, my only desire was to touch her. To move my hands under her short black gown and feel her perfect softness. In moments, the soft caress had became more intense. I savored her lips and the quickening of her breath to match my own. Our kiss was the beginning, the first of its kind with Grace and a promise of much more to come.

I carried Grace inside the room and dropped her gently on my king sized mattress then something struck me. I knew what it was. 

It was the reminder that Favour had just called earlier and had informed me that she would be coming over to pick her diary and jotter.

"What should I do? Favour must not meet Grace here, else, there will be trouble." I thought

I looked up at Grace and it wasn't helping matters too, her smile was just too bright and contagious. Something must kill a man, I assumed that was my own end already. I pulled Grace closer to me and kissed her. She in turn wrapped her arms around my neck and her legs around my waist. I rested my head on her chest and we continued out erotic romance again. It felt like I was in heaven. I felt so relax and lost around Grace that I had totally forgotten about Favour who had called earlier. The chemistry was there and I wasn't going to let anything come in between us and destroy our precious moment together.

We resumed our kiss from earlier and I licked her thighs clean like I once watched in an adult movie. We were so engrossed in our romance that we didn't notice when Favour came in. She had been knocking on the door the whole time but we didn't hear.

Favour just stood on the same spot looking at the two of us like she didn't see us. Game Over! I was caught red handed and there was no way I could get myself out of the mess. It was not like Favour heard rumours about Grace and I having an affair. She caught us red handed, lying on each other. I was on the verge of losing my two best friends and to my surprise, Favour didn't even freak out like most ladies would have done. She only stood at the spot staring at us.

I had gotten up from Grace and sat on the mattress near her. Grace had innocently gotten up from the bed too ignorant of what was going on. She was oblivious of my relationship with Favour, her best friend.

"Hello Favour," Grace had called out innocently.

"Heyy Grace." Favour replied and smirked "uhmm, I just came back to pick my jotter and diary. I honestly don't mean to intrude in your privacy." Favour added.

"It's fine," Grace replied.

Favour left my hostel almost immediately. Grace dropped her head on my shoulder.

"Excuse me please," I said to Grace "let me return her jotter and diary."

"Alright, there's no problem." Grace said. I took my Manchester United jersey from my wardrobe and wore it. I ran blindly to Favour's hostel, not minding the long distance.  

I met Favour in her room lying down on her mattress. Her face were filled with tears that weren't flowing. Immediately, I went on my kneels soberly and held her hand.

"Oyindamola," I called her by her middle name. A name only her mom calls her. "I really don't know what to say." I sniffed with tears in my eyes. "I really love you Oyindamola and I never meant to break your heart and your trust in me but I won't in any way deny my love for Grace neither will I call it a mistake." I said sympathetically.

"At least, you should have respected me enough to tell me that you weren't interested in me. It would have been better that way.

“I love you Timmy... kinda. Um, I guess what my brain is trying to spit is... I would love you if you were kinder. It's just that when it comes to our emotional bank account, you take far more than you give. And, well, I'm okay with giving a lot, but you've become so entitled to it that the most I can do is the minimum you'll accept... and even then, you bite me often and look down on everything I'm good at. Even now I can see the blame in your eyes, the disgust multiplying at my failures, anything but face the true reason for your pain. It's straight from the cold-fish-playbook-101... make the victim a villain as fast as possible, often with a simplistic moralistic argument that takes into account none of the emotional capital. You're a relationship-vampire and I'm done being drained." She stood up and kissed me with tears still in her eyes. She poured the whole tears on my shirt and it was soaked like all the waters in the ocean were emptied on me.

Just then, Grace came in again. She had been expecting me to come back to my hostel the whole time and it seemed as if I am to pay for all the sins I've committed that day.

"Oluwatimileyin!?" Grace shouted in shock, unable to close her opened mouth again.

She faced Favour and asked, "are you two together?" 

Favour nodded her head in affirmation.

"Okay, it's fine." Grace startled
"Oluwatimileyin, I just came to inform you that I am leaving for my hostel already, it's almost 8:00pm. Good night." She opened the door and then left Favour's hostel. I wanted to follow her, I took few steps forward and I was deep rooted on the same spot. I faced Favour, she was weeping helplessly. She walked towards me and dished out two hot slaps across my face

"Cheat," she said

I felt so embarrassed and disappointed. I silently wished the ground would open up and swallow me but nothing of such happened. Favour came closer to me, still weeping. She hugged me, although tighter this time and we were like that for what seemed to be like forever. I prayed to God to make the embarrassing moment turn to one of my wildest dreams but my prayers weren't answered. I lowered my head and cried again.

Favour broke the relationship with me that day. I betrayed her love and it was more than what she could take. Grace doesn't even want to see me again. She had cried the day we met at the skyway to make things work between us again. She ran to the Zoology library when she couldn't stand my sight again. I ran to meet her and I caught up with her at store two. I knelt down before her and before a few number of students waiting to withdraw at the Jaiz Bank ATM gallery.

Grace looked more beautiful, more than ever. She looked like an angel and I fell in love with her even more.

When Paul was tired of putting up with me, he called me aside one day and spoke sense into my empty head. I realized that I kept making the same mistake I made earlier. I was begging both Favour and Grace before I came back to my senses. I realized that I don't have to beg Favour to continue our relationship anymore. All I needed to do is just to make peace with her and then go after my heart, Grace. So I decided to do something stupid for love.

Chapter Twelve

[A week later]...

We were done with the classes for the day, I've tried all possible means to see Grace and talk to her but she doesn't want to see me at all. I've reconciled with Favour although she still wishes we are together.  

I traced Grace from school till she got to her hostel at Tipper Garage that evening. When she was about to enter her room, I came out from behind her and knelt down before her seeking for forgiveness. Grace wasn't moved by pleas at all.
"Haven't I warned you to stay away from me? Avoid me Timmy, please" she yelled at me 

"Grace, you can call me anything you want to call me, I'll take them. but forgive me please. I know I messed up and what I did was really bad but I am now a changed person." I said still on my kneels with tears running down my face.

Grace looked at me sympathetically, and rubbed her palms on my cheeks and said calmly "Timmy, I am done with you. We are not getting back together," she walked towards the door that leads to her room. I tried pulling her legs but she stepped on my fingers with the high heel shoe she was wearing and slammed the door behind and locked it. 

"Ouch," I cried, my hands hurt for a moment I thought they'd never work again. I was in agony and my fingers were aching, hot tears began to drop freely from my face like an opened dam. I stood at the same spot calling after her "Grace!  Grace!!  Grace!!! Grace!!! Just hear me out please," After so many minutes of shouting, I thought she would be moved by my tears and pleas and then forgive me but I was damn wrong. I decided not to leave her hostel that evening until she attends to me.
I removed my shirt, placed it at her doorstep and then slept off.

Some hours later, I woke up to someone's helpless kicks on my ribs. I felt pain over there. I opened my eyes and I saw Grace,  she became the heartless one.  She went inside again,  I thought she wanted to take me in until she came out with a bucket of water and poured it all over me like I had passed out. I was soaked from head to toe,  my phone, money and my credit card too.

Everyone in her hostel came out of their room to see what had happened.  I could see that all of them in that hostel were ladies. It was then it dawned on me that Grace was living in a female only hostel.

Majority of the girls criticized Grace for treating me so bad. Some of them wondered how I got in while few of the girls helped me up. I was cleaned up and they dried me up. I took my shirt although, still soaked with water and carried my bag.  I finally left her hostel. For good.

Inspite of what Grace did to me, and the shame I went through, I still loved her but was tempted to go back to Favour finally. At least, she's ready to accept me even though I betrayed her trust. I guess love is stupid, idiotic and dumb. 

I still waited for Grace for few weeks. Before i made up my mind to go back to Favour if Grace fails to give a positive response. 

On a fateful evening,  I was in my hostel trying to write a story about my life. I wanted to write about all that happened between Favour, Grace and I but on a second thought I felt it wasn't right so I decided to write a story about my memories and the good life I've once lived. While thinking about where to start from, the door suddenly flung opened and there was the love of my life standing at the doorstep,  looking gorgeous like ever before.  She wore a white gown which was well slim fitted,  the gown barely reached her foot, it brought out her hourglass figure. I was looking at her with a face full of surprises; I couldn't close my mouth.  She wore a makeup which was moderate, her face was fresh and her dreadlock hair was superb. She came into the room and stood right in front of me.  I got up  from my reading table too and moved close to her. She threw her arms around me and hugged me passionately and she started crying. I hugged her too I became so emotional too that I couldn't help but cry because I knew she came to settle scores with me. I was very happy too.
Later, she released me and then held me by my hands. It was then I realized that we've been hugging the whole time.
"Oluwatimileyin," she started. "I want to tell you something"  she said as she sniffed.

"Please go on." I said, with the assurance that I would be getting my girl back that evening. 
"Timmy,  I am very sorry for all I've done to you. I didn't mean to but you really hurt my feelings." She said as she broke into fresh tears again. "I trusted you with all I had including my body and my soul but you betrayed my trust. I gave you my all, my body... But you wanted something more than that.  I gave you my heart, like you requested that day at the zoology library. That's what you want right? You should have told me that you love Favour and you were in a relationship with her instead of just deceiving me all in the name of love"

"Hmmmm" I hummed,  I couldn't look at her in the eye. 

"You swore that day that you will never betray me," she burst into tears again.  I patted her and murmured something I don't even understand myself.

 "Timmy" Grace called me again. "During those period of the break, when I decided not to talk or see you,  I took a drastic step which I regret till this moment."

"What mistake is that? Please tell me" I said with fear.

"I've now reconciled with Oreoluwa and we're now back together." She declared. "He has been disturbing me ever since you proposed to me, he knew about everything that happened between us and he made good use of our break as an excuse. I had no choice than to dance to his tune and take him back." 

On hearing this, my head went blank and I couldn't process what she was really saying. I really can't imagine Grace going back to her abusive relationship. She'd confessed to me that Oreoluwa was an asshole and the guy had abused her quite a lot of times.

Grace's words fall out of her mouth like vapour but landed in my guts as a shrapnel. I feel tears in the inside, and the blood drain from my face. I would laugh but she's deadly serious. Her eyes were cold like I've never seen and her features immobile. She looked like someone who was about to vomit. Her hands back the birthday present I gave her and she lets it fall as soon as its weight hits my palm. There is the hard sound of metal on the concrete floor but neither of us moved to pick it up. I tried so hard to understand the words she just uttered but I couldn't. She must have loved me so hard, she has, since the beginning of our love story, and to be honest I think she's the only one that ever has loved me back in return. Then she turned to go, shoulders sunken and her hands in her pockets. Before I knew what I was doing, I was standing in her way and we lock eyes, the perfect distance for a kiss, but she shook her head. I can see my pain mirrored in her dark eyes. This smacks of duty. She always said we'd end up together, I guess they were lies after all.

I felt like my whole world just crashed right before my eye and I finally had the courage to talk to Grace. "I'll take the blame, it is my fault, not yours. If I haven't messed up, this wouldn't have happened" I said soberly with tears in my eyes. They weren't dropping yet so it made my vision blurred,  I blinked twice and they poured down freely like an opened dam. 

She held my hand again and i look into her eyes and said calmly. "I wish you happiness with your man" 
She replied too "I wish you happiness with your woman too." We hugged ourselves for what seems to  be like forever. I wept uncontrollably with no one to stop me.  I cried like a baby.

I had to let her go after all she's not mine anymore. I have to face reality that I've lost Grace to Oreoluwa.
"Timmy,  please go back to Favour.  She really loves you and she'll make a perfect girlfriend for you." Grace said as she picked her hair bond that fell from her head.  She bade me farewell and then kissed me on the forehead and then left my room. 

I watched her go. Nothing is as painful as seeing the love of your life with someone else, what hurts than wanting something and knowing full well that you'll never get it again?.

Chapter Thirteen

I had been bitter throughout the week and everyone around me knew that I haven't been my usual, bright self and I seemed to have lost interest in everything that makes me happy. I kept staring at the pictures Grace and I took while we were still together. I spent all my productive hours crying over a spilled milk before I pulled my broken pieces together and make it up to Favour.

I decided to go to her hostel at night, for reasons best known to me. I met her reading my anthology. A collection of love poems I wrote for her as a token of my love for her. I greeted her and spoke for some minutes. Our usual chemistry and vibe wasn't there anymore. We just sat facing each other like strangers in our own stories. I don't need a fortune teller to tell to me that sometimes, good things fall apart after coming to terms with a broken heart.


Johnny Drille's 'Wait For Me' was playing in the background when Timmy asked me to reconsider. 

I felt the song was speaking to me, urging me to say 'yes' and come back to him again. I wanted to remind Johnny Drille that the last relationship i had with Timmy almost cost me my life and my sanity. 
Timmy could see the lyrics of the song getting into my head, he came closer, "it's a yes, right? This time it will be so perfect, you wouldn't want to let go.... even in a million years"

I sighed softly.

He still wasn't convinced.

"Favour, I know you love me and I know you want me, it's written all over you. I can see it. Love forgives, isn't it?"

His warm palm shakes off imaginary dust from my dry cheeks. 

Maybe, I did want Timmy back again. 
Maybe, I'm just stuck to him. 
Maybe, I should not be so bothered about her countless besties, who are all females aside from Paul and Fred.
He will change by the time we're locked together in holy matrimony. 
Didn't he say that I'm his one and only and he will get married to me after convocation?".

My mind flashed back to the last evening I went to his room.
My boyfriend, the love of my life and my bestfriend, Grace. 
Almost unclad on the mattress. Wet bed sheets filled with sweats. Dark room. Sounds of ecstasy. 

And his words when I walked in, "She's my bestfriend, Favour. Aren't you my bestfriend, too?"

I couldn't find a reply to his last question that evening but there's an answer in my head right now.

"No, Timmy, If that's who a best friend is, I want nothing of it."

I turned Johnny's 'Wait For Me' off. 
“Hi, Johnny, I'm sorry to disappoint you, I don't think Timmy is worth waiting for". My mind spoke. 

Timmy begged me over and over again and I couldn't stand his sight anymore.
Maybe Timmy was right after all
Maybe love forgives and I have to forgive him too and take him back. After all, we sinned against God too and he forgives us too not minding how much we messed up.

I stood up from my mattress and walked towards the door. "Oluwatimileyin, it's not love because you say it is. It's not love because you are so destroyed at my departure. Yes, attachments can be that strong, but they aren't love. That I loved you meant so much more and those emotions ran so deep inside me for so long. I loved you, I sacrificed my all for you, I walked into the storm with nothing but my love, my spirit, my will to protect, only asking for the safety of my heart, fragile emotions... and you. I said I would go to hell to save everyone, our world, that it sounded like a good deal. You didn't just let me go. You pushed me into it to save yourself. You made me walk in the dark night alone so you wouldn't have to walk in there, then you wept. That night I told you I was done with you. You knew it was over so did I. I thought you were brave, like the characters in your stories, instead you were the snivelling coward cradling his weakness as if it were a shield."
“It's a big shame on you!"

“The months that followed have proven to you more than once, what we were up against, what was at stake, that far from being crazy I was right. Recall the songs lover boy, ‘Perfect,' and ‘If this is love,' they played that day right after I told you to listen to the songs at the restaurant. Positive vs negative, light vs dark. One urge for positive change, the other morbidly for the status quo. It was then I told you of God, that the only way out was love. I said we had a chance, that I was finding the way for us".

“I told you of the linguistic programming that is our reality, that it really is spoken. Everyone has their own path made just for them, their own beautiful puzzle with clues only they would understand proof that they are part of the God's plan for heaven on earth. And still you hurt me, cheated on me, deceived me, manipulated me with lies, became a dark version of the innocent boy I once knew. Just know it doesn't have to be this way, I would have saved you at any time had you shown true love and self-sacrifice. Now, we both know it is too late, I can only save those it is possible to share a bond of love with. If only. If only. If only we are meant to be.."

Chapter Fourteen

Paul and Fred had invited me to the club that Friday night so as to cheer up my dull spirit. We got to the Soundbar club around 8:30pm and it was filled with students. I mean, they were everywhere. We moved to the VIP section which was less crowdy.

Ladies and guys were dancing, making out, drinking and having all sorts of fun. We sat down at one of the seats closest to the bar area as Paul called some girls. In a few minutes, the girls arrived.

Paul wore a blue jean and a white polo shirt with a nice Fila footwear. Fred almost wore the same thing too but Fred's own was an oversized Gucci sweatshirt.

Then I saw Favour.

She wore a black slim fitted jean with a white crop top. Her hair fell across her shoulders and a short gold chain hung around her neck. My heart began to race again.

Our eyes met but I quickly pretended to look at my shoes, Stupid me.

"Timmy, will you be okay on your own for a while?" Paul asked as his one night stand girl kept begging him for a dance.

I didn't want to be an hindrance to their fun so I quickly nodded, "sure"

Fred gave me an apologetic look and I smiled

"Go on," I urged  him

Well, Fred also left with his girl too leaving me with just Favour. She sat beside me.

"Hi," she said with a smile.

"Hi too," I replied with a fake smile.

"How has the party been so far?" 

"Great," I lied. The party was kinda boring and soon, Favour would leave me here alone too.

"Timmy," she whispered. The way she called my name gave me goosebumps.


"Uhm... You are...." I waited for her to say what was on her mind but she didn't.

''Handsome, smart, intelligent, great, cute, outstanding, any other thing you want to add?'' I offered as I fought the urge to laugh.

"Nah Timmy! You're the opposite of all that." She teased and laughed.

I held my chest, "you just broke my heart again." I joked.

"Yeah, yeah. Right. You look really handsome tonight." 

I looked at my palms on my laps feeling shy. "Awww, thanks."

Favour's phone vibrated and I caught a glimpse of the caller. It was her Dad.

She looked at me like she was asking for permission to pick the call.

"What? You can go on!" I said.

She was about to say something when her phone rang again and she sighed.

"I'll see you later, please wait for me." She said as she stood up from the table.

I waited for a couple of minutes but Paul and Fred didn't come back so I decided to have a little fun at least. I went downstairs to the main club where peoples body were pressed against each other and I sat on a stool very close to the bar. I bought a bottle of whiskey and took a long gulp from it and of course, it burned my throat. I nodded to 'Wizkid's Don't Dull' blasting out from the speaker.

After a while, Favour walked up to me

"Hey handsome," she said teasingly. "We really need to talk Timmy. Can we go out now?" She asked.

"Yeah sure, it's okay by me." I replied. While everyone were busy drinking and partying, Favour and I took a walk around the club.

"Oluwatimileyin," she started. "It really hurts when you think that I've moved on. I mean, what if I'm still where you left me? What if I've left my soul with you and my body is just moving on? You can never understand me because you never tried to understand me. All you said was a lie." She sniffed and then continued.

"God knows that I really love you and I will still continue to love you even till the end of time because you're the best thing that ever happened to me. Not that I don't have guys who are far more better than you, but I had to turn them down because of the love I had for you and because I still want us to be together. I never regret anything I did for you because it was out of love, yet you betrayed my trust and gave me up as if we were nothing. It pained me but I always smile because I don't want people to see you as the reason behind my tears anyways, I have forgiven you even though you never loved me."

She moved closer to hug me and wrapped her arms around my neck. I held her by the waist and noticed that she had became a little lean.

She whispered in my ears, "Timmy, I want you to kiss me and smile for me. Tell me you will wait for me and hold me like you will never let me go." 

I smiled, assured her and kissed her.

That moment, I pledged to her not to have an affair again with any other girl apart from her and we got back together again. We forgot about all that happened and left it in the past and we both went back to the VIP section of the club.

The DJ played 'Never Let You Go by WhiteGold' and we vibed to the music. 

"Timmy, do you know what I learnt from what happened to us?" Favour asked as she sipped her whiskey drink.

"No, I don't. Tell me about it." I replied

"It's just the popular saying. If you love something, let it go. If it comes back to you, then it is meant to be yours. But if it doesn't, then it is not meant to be yours." She added and spoke just like a Philosopher.

"Hmmm, that's so smart of you." I said and caressed her cheekbone carefully. I placed my hand on her ass and it seemed more bigger. She looked at me and smiled then planted a way kiss on my lips.

Fred and Paul walked in on us at that moment, "This love no go die oh..." Paul added sarcastically.

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