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Author • Adenaike Ireanujesu Isaac

From how it all began:

I was an ignorant soul assured with a chance to receive knowledge, not challenges. But reverse is the case.

I was only given knowledge to scale through my challenges, not knowing my challenges were life itself. I wanted to know the existence of life.

I remembered the saying that "born poor was not my mistake but dying poor was my own mistake" which I was left with just a choice and knowing that "life is all about choice, and the choice I make, makes me”.

I ask for strength, he gave me difficulties to make me strong, I ask for wisdom he gave me problems to solve, I asked for courage he gave me dangers to overcome, I asked for love then he gave me people in distress to help.

I have always been frustrated while taking just a step at a time, for I was made to understand that life is a process, you are not born to succeed alone; you are also born to fail inorder to relearn.

As I always clock a year older, I found out that 
life has not been fair to me, but I always remind myself that patience allows life to fall in place.
They always say fear is an illusion but most in time it plays as a compensation; leaving me with the ignorance of having the humility of learning in my challenges. 

I cry always for a real definition of life itself but the answer I get is that life are in pages until you are able to give a full story about your life you never lived but existed.

Thank you..


Ed. Daramola Dolapo
© 2021 Adenaike Ireanujesu Isaac. All Rights Reserved

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