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Author • Ayoooodeji

The sun had just begun to set. I stood and watched the rays of light from the sun permeate through the cloud, illuminating the sky and making it appear like a vast expanse of orange. It was a sight to behold as the different shades of the cloud glided carefreely across the expanse of the sky. Gradually, the sky started to darken. A gust of wind swept through, rustling the leaves of the nearby trees and leaving a substantial amount of dust on my face. It looked like a storm was approaching.

Unfazed, I continued to stare at the darkening sky. It reminded me of a time in my life when my most important problem in life was knowing how rain was made, and the mechanism behind the falling of rain. A time that now seemed like eons ago.

Over time, I'd solved the problem of knowing how rain was made, and the mechanism behind the falling of rain. I'd grown older. My problems had grown also. Now, I stared hard at the darkening sky, wondering how so much time has passed.

I began a trip down memory lane, trying to put into perspective, how much time I'd spent in life, relating it to how much I currently knew and the magnitude of my current 'problems'. 

As I reminisced, one thing I realized was that my memory's bank was filled with memories as dark as the sky which I so intently stared at, and all that I considered to be my current problems, were in fact, mere illusions of the mind arising from what my mind has been conditioned and exposed to, over the years.

What then happens when your memory is so dark such that you can't chart a path through which you can have some retrospective thinking?


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