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Are you in despair? Are you downcast, frustrated of life and hopeless? Or you are losing sight of your dreams and aspirations? Do you feel lonely in the challenges you are currently facing? Are you confused on what direction to follow? Are you on the verge of giving up, thinking there is nothing more to be done? Hang in there and hear me out.

Engage in what I call, THE BIOGRAPHY THERAPY. You can guess what I mean by that; it simply means engaging in events and stories on successful individuals who ones had their fair share of the thick and thin of life, individuals who ones found their self in one malady or another, who have seen it all and have experienced suffering at the highest level. Of individuals who have been in the most direful situation, who felt all hope is lost only to realize their star was never dimmed but it was they who closed their eyes. Engage in true life stories of those who almost lost all hope and almost at their tipping point but employed the saving power of the divine for an absolute turn around, of individuals who tapped from the power within to stair up the gift in them for their breakthrough, of those who discovered purpose and essence of their being amidst difficulties, who also worked out their own salvation. NOTE: These individuals might be alive or late, the main thing is that we are learning from their life and success story.

the biography therapy by odubiyi john

I have the story of one out of millions of such individuals whose life can be used to jumpstart you to beginning to live a hopeful, meaningful and prosperous life; and whose life is indeed therapeutic. Here is a man who could not speak until the age of 7, and part of his first words was to his weeping hopeless mother saying “cry no more mother, I will be the handkerchief that will wipe your tears” which was were the abstract title of his biography: The Handkerchief, came forth. Here is a man who shuttled from the hospital bed to the examination hall for his WAEC papers and in the end made distinction in all his papers. Here is someone who was a recipient of a scholarship for his in Marine Engineering in Poland and went ahead to Ph.D. level, in the same field. He operated successfully in various sector including government and politics, having been active in student politics, rising to become the student union president in his institution and later, a president of all African student in the whole of Europe at a time. Here is a Marine Engineer who now is the executive manager of Daar Communications; AIT, Raypower Nigeria and Faaji FM, making significant impact in broadcasting in Nigeria and have attain so many feats. The man I’m talking about is High Chief Raymond Dukpesi.

Like I said, that is one example out of many. You should enquire to familiarize and engage yourself in the success stories of other individuals in various field and in your career field, like; Wole Soyinka-, Aliko Dangote-, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, Chief Mike Adenuga, Chimamanda Adiche, Chief Emeka Anyaoku, Enoch Adeboye, Dr. Samuel Ekundayo, Ubong King (late) and more, also those of foreign national like Ben Carson, Barak Obama, Steve Jobs, Williams Shakespeare (late), Dr Myles Monroe (late), Jeff Bezos and lots more. And of genuinely great pastors and ministers of God. The lasting benefits of this exercise are;

  1. Learning how exactly they overcame their challenges and became successful; because if they can. You can too, no matter what.
  2. Learning from their mistakes and from your own mistakes.
  3. Hope. Ordinarily, without engaging in other individuals’ breakthrough stories, one should not lose hope in anyway because like the popular saying “when there is life, there is hope” and “when there is a will, there is a way”. More so, you draw hope from individuals who were ones hopeless.
  4. Inspiration. Sometimes, our downcast state is because we are not inspired; not inspired on what to do and what we are currently doing, not inspired by the environment, by how things turns out or not inspire by the right people and so on. But engaging in The Biography Therapy would surly bring inspiration, we see reasons we should not quit and it assures us of success if we don’t give up.   
  5. Provides better perspective about life and helps build positive mind-set. Truth is, life will not be all rosy and the earlier we accept this fact, the better for us. Their life stories will open you to this reality and teach us how to navigate our way through life and how to salvage unpleasant situations we are webbed in for the better.
I personal perform this exercise and it has helped me immensely, most especially in the area of clarity and purpose. I am also resolute and I have come to the understanding that I will surly make head way no matter what. And that whatever challenges I am facing, I won’t allow it let me down but that it is meant to shape me to becoming who I want to be. Do same and you will find reason to not lose hope, and to forge ahead in any and every situation. THANK YOU.


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