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Memories [ A Story Of Fading Lovers] 4

Author  Ajagbe Ayodeji
Chapter Four

[Two months later]

Bukky highlighted from the jeep that brought her to the garden and approached the biggest tree in the garden where I stood, a gentle smile graced her lips. The pleasant morning breeze was like a music of old memories to me. She touched the tree, tracing old drawings and our names carved on that very tree long ago when we just arrived California. She had her fair share of heartbreak, she couldn't wait to go away and heal herself elsewhere. She had come back to the same spot where we used to stay to bid her final farewell to me.

"Ayodeji, I think it's high time we go our separate ways." Bukky said, shooting me a look that confirmed that she's done with me. It was a look I had become familiar with over the years. "I hope you stay away from bad girls and the one you decide to go with is well worth someone who got your back any day any time. Because what these girls are all after are sex, romance and clubbing. Since day one when Sophia came along, I already knew it was her you wanted and we can't work it out. So your actions didn't really come as a shock to me because I've finally accepted the fact that we can't be together. But as things had turned out between us, live your life and explore life as much as you want to, seek your own adventure and do the crazy things you've always loved to do, do the things you love doing and be the bad boy you've always want to be." She paused for a while and then continued.

"As much as I have lots of memories both good and bad experiences with you. I won't talk bad about you to anyone because I believe you still have a lot of good in there as you have always shown glimpses. You're really cute, I must admit. A good guy, with a good heart but you can do more with your intelligence Ayodeji. Get something working for you and then you can focus on productive things. Your body have grown well from the Ayodeji I met in high school when we were still in Nigeria. You now have a muscular body and nice biceps but your mind should grow with it too." She paused again and broke down in tears. I felt really bad at the sight of her tears.

"Finally, I've realized that people come into our lives for different reasons. I learnt a lot with you. I learnt to be more hard and ruthless when it comes to men. I learnt I can't be so soft and mushy when it comes to men, you taught me to be careful next time and wait to be loved in return before I love and like Tumininu had said earlier, my own type of love doesn't exist yet. Thanks so much for all you do. You gave me an avenue to express my type of love. I lived in the pain and betrayal you made me go through. I found my muse in all the rejection and betrayal, I wrote crazy things, crazy beautiful things that projected me to the world all those times you made me cry at night with no one to console me. I have then decided to leave for New York to start a new life over there. I hope you go out there and conquer the world and I hope we meet again someday because it's not a bye-bye but a see you again." Bukky finalized her words and entered into the Lexus jeep waiting for her. She waved at me with tears falling freely like an opened dam. I cried and ran after the car till it was out of sight. 

It was with bittersweet joy that I watched my dreams get shattered. It was done, it was over. But I had lost a part of me I’ll never regain. Memories began to flood me, washing over my heart, as I saw images of joy, sadness, patience, and love fly before my eyes. Memories can be so sweet, like the first budding flower in spring. But the emotions they awake, the remembrance of joyful times long ago, makes me feel hollow inside. Not a day goes by that I don’t miss that part of me I lost. Not a minute flies past without my heart crying softly for what was. I miss her, I do. I’ll sing and dance with joy, but it will never be the same joy, my smile will never hold the same completeness. My heart ache. I can’t tell you how loud my heart moans with every beat, how every day I try to move on but my memories refuse to let me forget.

~~~ story continues next week Thursday.
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Memories [ A Story Of Fading Lovers] 4

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