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Memories [ A Story Of Fading Lovers] 3

Author  Ajagbe Ayodeji
Chapter Three

[2 weeks later]
___ __ ___ __ ___ 
"I swear on my life, there's nothing between Sophia and I". I shook my head at Bukky not sure if she bought my lies and denials again or not. We walked back to the dormitory in silence. The only noise heard was from other white kids and the noise of her heels against the ground.

I called her repeatedly but she didn't answer. I stood, deep rooted on the same spot feeling so bad. Just then, Sophia found her way to where I was standing.

I hissed silently as soon as she approached me. "Hey Ayo! What's up?"

I ignored her and walked back to my room. I expected her to make her way towards her own room but instead of that, she walked along with me in the direction of my room.

"I think you need to go back now Sophia. Thanks for ruining my relationship. Like as if that wasn't enough you lied to me that you don't have a boyfriend." I told her as we reached my doorstep.

"I wanted to break up with my boyfriend then, he offended me and I felt you could make a better boyfriend than him. That's why I approached you that night but.... My boyfriend apologized and already made up for all he did. I'm sorry." Sophia said softly.

"You're sorry Sophia? Do you know what you've caused me?" I asked.

"Why are you mad at me now?" She asked.

"I'm not mad at you Sophia. I only regret meeting you."

She laughed softly watching me as I unlocked the door to my room. "Don't say you're not mad at me. You've been like this ever since your girl....." She lets her words trail off for reasons best known to her.

"My girlfriend got to know about us," I finished her sentence for her. "Sophia, you drugged me in your room that night just to satisfy your selfish, sexual desire and you couldn't even keep it private. You went ahead and told almost everyone about it. And you know how much I love my girl. You know how much Tumininu admire our relationship." I said. It was the first time I had said those words out loud.

Sophia nodded and shoved her hands into her denim jacket.

"I am not mad at you, I just have to thank you for ruining my life and everything I've built for years and sent me crashing down. You can take your leave." I told her. I knew I should say more and explain why I was acting that way but I felt there's no use anymore. It's a spill milk, there's no need crying over it.

Sophia's blue eyes looked a bit disappointed. "It's fine, I'll take my leave." There was more she wanted to say but she didn't. "Have a good night rest then." She said giving a soft smile.

"You too." I replied holding the door open for her to leave, feeling really bad about how things are ending between Bukky, Sophia and I.

"Oh and Ayodeji?" She called looking over at me. "I am deeply sorry for what I've caused you. I never knew you loved Bukky as much as this." Her voice was low and when her eyes looked me up and down, I could feel a shiver run through my body.

Before I could stop myself, she was already pulling me towards her for a hug and she planted a soft kiss on my lips. My mind went blank and I instantly forgot about Bukky. Although, I might not know what I wanted, but my body clearly knows what it wanted.

Immediately, I kissed her back, my hands moved down her waist and pulled her even more closer to me. My hands made their way back to her face stopping there for a moment before they were in her hair.

The kiss sparked up my systems and it was even more intense than the ones we've had before. I was so lost in lust that I didn't even realize that we had made our way into the bedroom again until I felt the bed against my legs. She pushed me gently, our lips never departing as we fell down unto the mattress. We landed on the bed and I could barely notice it. Kissing Sophia was too amazing to focus on anything else. Her hands moved down to the side of my body, then she slowly moved them up to my beards stroking my facial hair ever so gently, causing me to completely melt into her.

Then I pulled away slightly, looking down at her. "You are so pretty." I muttered before I started kissing her again.

Just when I was about to fully loose myself in our lust, I heard a small gasp behind us followed by some inaudible words. Sophia quickly pulled herself off me and I sat up looking over to see Bukky standing right behind us. We hadn't heard her come in because we had been too busy kissing. We were lost in our lustful world.

Bukky's face shone bright even though filled with tears as she looked at us. "I'm sorry Sophie, I.... Uh, I didn't know you two are together. Let me just take my leave now."

"Wait Bukky," I told her, trying to smoothen my hair again. "We were just saying uhm, good night."

"Good night," Sophia said and hurriedly left the scene.

"You were just saying goodnight? Ayodeji? Do you take me for a fool?" Bukky said silently as she slapped me twice across my face. Tumininu had rushed to the scene too and made to stop her when she attempted to slap me for the third time.

"Ayodeji, you messed up big time. I can't believe you did this despite knowing how much Bukky loved you. You were even playing games and lying to her that there's nothing between you and Sophia." Tumininu said, expressing her bitterness and disappointment in me.

"Good night, you can go fuck yourself." Bukky said with tears pouring down from her eyes like an opened dam as she and Tumininu walked out of my room.

"I knew it." Carl who had been playing GTA V in the room next to ours rushed to the scene with a wild laugh. He sat down on his mattress and grinned at me.

"You knew what? You better shut the fuck up!" I said while still rubbing my cheek where Bukky slapped me. I was still feeling her anger, hotness and rage.

Carl rolled his eyes at me, making it so obvious. "I knew this would eventually happen between you and Bukky." He paused for a while and then continued. "And you don't have to lie anymore, I clearly saw how you and Sophia were kissing and it's obvious that you two have some kind of chemistry going on between you." He laughed using his fingers to make air quotes. "It's really just sexual tension in disguise and you ain't fooling anybody."

------- story continues next week Thursday, 
Watch out!!!

Memories [A Story Of Fading Lovers]

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