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Memories [ A Story Of Fading Lovers] 2

Author  Ajagbe Ayodeji

Chapter Two

After meeting with Sophia that fateful day, we became more intimate and also hangout at intervals. She spent most of the time in my room and few kisses and hugs would happen. One cold Friday night, I found myself at the library trying to revise the lectures for the week. As usual, I wasn't alone, Bukky and Sophia decided to join me at the library too, though I was beginning to think that it was a bad idea having Sophia around. I looked up at Sophia then back down at her hand which was tapping her pen loudly against the table as she read through the hardcover literature book in front of her. I closed my eyes and tried to meditate but turned out futile because of the disturbances from Sophia.

"Sophia, do you have to do that? I can't concentrate on what I'm reading" I said as I snapped my hands furiously.

Sophia looked up from the literature book and started beating the table louder than ever. "It's not really a big deal."

"The noise is distracting me please. I've been reading the same paragraph over and over again." Bukky told her.

"That has nothing to do with me, you're probably a slow reader darling." Sophia said and gave an evil smirk.

I reached across the table as swift as I can and tried to grab the pen out of her hand. Unfortunately for me, she was faster. She pulled her hands away before I could get to it thereby causing my hand to hit the table badly.

"Seriously? Ayodeji?" Sophia said rolling her eyes. "If you want the pen, you could have just asked for it.

"You're disturbing me." I said raising my voice at her.

Bukky closed her books causing both of us to look at her. "Enough of this seriously. I just can't concentrate with both of you around me. She adjusted her head warmer and started to arrange her books in her bag. I reached over to grab her arm, feeling remorseful for ruining our study time by bringing Sophia along.

"Please don't go. We'll behave, I promise." I said, holding her by the waist.

She shook her head in disagreement, and her long black hair fell over her shoulder. "I'm going. You two can enjoy your study time together." She said waving the rest of her hair backward.

I watched Bukky as she left before turning my attention to Sophia. "Thanks for ruining my study time," I said as I stood up from the reading table and walked towards the basement of the library.

"What are you talking about Ayodeji? It wasn't my fault." Sophia said running after me.

"Yes, it was your fault Sophia. If only you'd listened to me when I told you to stop hitting the goddamn table like I asked." I let out a short laugh.

"But come to think of it, you really didn't tell me to stop. You only asked if I had to do that."

I rolled my eyes at her even though she couldn't see me do it because I was in front of her. I continued climbing down the stairs to the basement.

"You knew it was disturbing us and you could have stopped but it was your intention to continue." I said entering into the basement.

"Believe me, it wasn't on purpose and I could have stopped if only yo...."

"Whatever, it's over now." I interrupted running my fingers against the bookshelf and scanning the titles of the book as I walked.

Suddenly, the lights in the library basement went out completely.

"Uhm, God's plan..." Sophia teased.

I felt someone tickle me and I let out a soft moan before it dawned on me that it was Sophia.

She repeated the same process over and over again then it faded and she stopped tickling me. Instead of pulling her hands away, she dug her fingertips into my skin. I wanted to walk away from her but it seemed like I was glued to the same spot. I could feel her body closer to mine and then, her lips were unexpectedly touching mine, kissing them softly. Just as my mind was beginning to register what was happening, she pulled away slightly. I could still feel her breath on my lips. She tasted like mint.

Just as if she went for reinforcement, her lips were pressing against mine again. This time, the kiss was deeper and more passionately and I found myself kissing her back. Her hand had moved from my face and she placed them on my hips pulling me into her. Our hips rocked against each other and her other hand was entangled in my hair. Even more surprising that Sophia was kissing me, I was kissing her back. I tried to break away from the kiss, my brain desperate for a chance to think clearly but she wouldn't let me break away from her. So once again, I was lost again in the kiss which was getting so passionate. I had suddenly pressed her up against one of the bookshelves in the basement and I could feel a moan building up in her throat. I knew it was only a matter time before it escapes through through her lips.

Just then, I heard a sound of someone clearing her throat. I reluctantly opened my eyes and I realized the lights have been restored. I felt so ashamed and disappointed that our kissing had just been interrupted. Sophia must have heard it too because she slowly pulled away from me. I looked into her eyes and imagined how sweet she'd been and I couldn't help but think about her eye which were blue around the pupil. I never noticed her eyes were...... kind of gorgeous.

The intruder cleared her throat again and there was the librarian standing in front of us with a frown on her face and her hands akimbo. Sophia jumped away from me, holding her hands backwards. Our eyes were opened just like that of Adam' after eating the forbidden fruit in the garden of Eden.

"This is the university library, not your bedroom," the librarian scolded us. "So unless you need help in finding a book, I would suggest not to come here to do such again."

I shook my head in agreement and walked away as fast as my legs would carry me. I could hear Sophia calling behind me.

"Ayodeji, please wait." She shouted.

"I have to go," I told her resisting the urge to look at her.

I rushed toward the door of the library feeling quite remorseful. Did that just really happen?

Meanwhile my phone was ringing repeatedly as I opened the door to my room. I was too nervous to look at it. I was pretty sure it was Sophia. She had already sent me a text asking if we could still meet that night. I ignored her text because I didn't want to talk.

Finally, I got the balls to check my phone and I felt a bit disappointed to see that the calls weren't from Sophia but was from Bukky instead. I made to call her back.

"Hey Ayodeji, are you still at the library?" She asked after she picked up the call.

I blushed a little at the mention of my name. "Uhm, no I left already. I'm now in my room."

"You seemed to be breathing heavily? Are you running or are you been chased by a ghost?" She asked sarcastically.

"No uhm, I just uhmm... I used the stairs instead of the elevator." I lied. I couldn't tell her that my supposed friend, Sophia had just sucked my lungs out.

She laughed softly, probably knew I was lying. "Okay well, I just called to apologize for leaving you at the library. I just needed to finish that course and it was kind of dramatic to just leave like that."

"Uhm, it's fine darling. I understand." I said quickly.

"Since you're done studying, would you like to go for some ice cream tonight? I'll invite Tumininu and your friend, Sophia. If you can handle us." She laughed again.

Considering the fact that I had just pressed Sophia up against the bookshelf, like my life depended on it, I knew she would mess up again and I wouldn't be able to act normal as well and Bukky would sense immediately that something had come up between Sophia and I.

"It's really cold tonight and I had already changed into my pyjamas." I lied again.

"Okay, so do you want me to bring some ice creams for you? We could hangout in your room with no one else. Just me and you."

"That sounds good." I told her

Hopefully, by the time Bukky comes around, I would have been back to my normal self and I would have finally gotten over Sophia's kisses - out of my head.

[Story continues next week, watch out!!!] -

Memories [ A Story Of Fading Lovers]

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