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What are VPNs?


What are VPNs⁉️

What do they do❓

 How Do they work❓

 Are VPNs only useful for accessing regional-restricted contents⁉️

labelling of layer of security with vpns

Find the answers to some of your questions below.

VPN – Virtual Private Network(s)

From our daily online shopping, to paying bills to banking, we constantly transmit important information, like our card details, social security number, browsing history some of which can be hijacked by hackers when not properly protected.

Just as the name implies, VPNs provide users with virtual privated network which hides their IP address, encrypts/decrypt data and secures their connection so they can surf the web more securely – by acting as an intermediary between your computer and the internet – VPNs.

How do VPNs Work❓

Joe wants to protect his online activities so he makes the decision “To install a VPN”, the VPN then “creates a secure tunnel” where it “encrypts Joe’s data” into an “unreadable code” - more like gibberish - as it travels between Joe’s computer and the VPN's server.

Joe's computer/mobile phone network = the VPN local network (i.e. Joe's IP address = the VPN sever providers IP).

What do VPNs do

image of what vpn do

  1. VPNs prevents ISP, hackers, governments from tracking your online activity.

Joe is an online activist that speaks up, against bad governance in his country, and due to the lack of respect for Joe’s privacy, Joe’s personal data/location, could be leaked to the government by his internet service providers (ISP – Internet service providers, ‘ALWAYS’ track and can see everything you do online – from websites you visit, your duration on them, contents you watch, device you use and your geographic location).

Thankfully, Joe had a VPN, which encrypts all the internet traffic running to and from Joe’s device and tunnel it through an intermediary server – this means that it’s unreadable to Joe’s ISP or anyone else snooping on Joe’s activity, such as network administrators, government agencies, or hackers.

Vpn is encrypted imagery

2. VPNs gives access to region-restricted contents and also allows internet censorship laws to be bypassed.

Joe lives In China where the government has restricted access to some websites like; netflix, Twitter, facebook…, and how could this restrictions be bypassed?...Very simple!  With a VPN, Joe’s IP address is masked and replaced with another from a location of choice, thereby giving Joe, access to region restricted contents.

VPNs protect your device while you’re on a public WiFi image

3. VPNs protect your device while you’re on a public WiFi

Joe is having coffee at his favourite's Coffee Shop and he connects to it public WiFi, now, Joe’s activity can be snooped by an hacker, Joe’s device can be infested with a malware, his personal information can be stolen… But, with a VPN, Joe’s internet traffic would be encrypted and would only be decrypted by Joe’s device.

Last Last…VPN lo n help everybody


What Are VPNs

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BRIEF - What are VPNs?

VPNs stand for Virtual Private Networks. They create a secure tunnel over the internet, encrypting all of your traffic and hiding your IP address from anyone who might be trying to track you. This makes them a great way to protect your privacy and security online. In this post, Praise Oyeniyi discusses the benefits of using VPNs and how they can help you stay safe online. He also provides some tips on how to choose a VPN and how to use it safely.

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