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Free or Paid VPNs?

 Praise Oyeniyi
  • How can I choose a VPN❓ 
  • Free Or Paid❓ 
  • Why should I even pay

First, I think you should read my previous post on VPNs, what they do and how they work❗

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As the saying goes "Nothing Comes Without A Cost", so also is another which says "You Get What Pay For Jonny"

Jonny uses a free VPN, and well he doesn't have a problem with it, because he feels safe and he has access to a limited number of restricted sites which satisfies him. But Jonny's problem is knowledge: He knows little nothing about VPNs, so why should Jonny want to Pay❓😒

The best VPNs works by keeping you anonymously online, shield you from cyber threats, and give you access to geo-restricted websites. Now the problem is that running this service isn’t free. And VPN providers aren’t charity organizations; they’re businesses, they must pay and get paid for services they render❗😲. While paid VPN services make their money from subscription fees, providers of free VPNs have to somehow generate their income, but HOW⁉️

How does Jonny get to use a VPN for free❓

How do Free VPNs manage their service cost😕❓

1. They track Jonny’s online activities and sell his personal or browsing data.
Many free VPNs, share your session data with advertisers and blitz you with ads. Urghh😫…This defeats the purpose of using a VPN in the first place, because now, Jonny's data can be accessed by third-parties, meaning his online presence is no longer private.

2. They provide weak and easily crackable security.
As said earlier, operating a solid, secure network infrastructure is expensive.
Many free VPNs use unreliable security measures and weak encryption that can act similar to malware, which means that Jonny's data can be easily snooped by hackers and spying agencies.

3. Your browsing will constantly be interrupted by ads.
Urgghh😩...I hate ads that interrupt. When don't they interrupt😒❓ They always do.
Only this is enough for me to want to pay for a VPN… I’m not as patient as Jonny😒😂.

4. They slow down your internet connection.
What is worse❓"An angry man is a man with slow internet connection 😁”

5. They offer limited features.
Free services are sometimes offered by premium VPN providers that want to convince you to pay for a plan. So while their VPN won’t put your data or devices at risk, the provider will make sure that it doesn’t meet all your needs.

So, Am I saying you should go ahead and pay for a VPN❓ I never said that😒. But, perhaps Jonny decides to pay. What would he be paying for⁉️

Paid VPNs;

1. Offer genuine protection for your private data online.
When you disconnect from the web, your session data should disappear – as it should be, making you completely anonymous.

2. They have topnotch network security.
Paid VPNs need subscribers to stay in business, so they literally can’t afford security failures. They provide secure encryption for your internet data.

3. They do not impose speed limits.
VPN service allows you enjoy safe browsing without speed throttling.

4. They give you access to more server locations and geo-restricted online service.
Paid VPNs give Jonny unlimited access to their entire gigantic server networks🤭, Thereby giving Jonny access to more geo-restricted services and websites.

5. They offer a host of other features for a better experience.
Paid VPNs offer some other good stuffs. For example, premium services allow you to use their software on multiple devices at the same time with just one subscription, provide in-built malware and ads blocking feature...

6. They Have More to Lose.
I’d rather put my trust in a VPN company that has a lot to lose if they get caught selling my data, as opposed to a free VPN that can closeup shop and easily reopen.

Should you still pay for a VPN❓ I still don’t know🤷🏾‍♂️, but I’m sure Jonny’s changed his mind already💃.

Free or Paid VPNs?
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