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Writer's Bio - OYENIYI OKE

Oyeniyi Oke

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By the grace of God; I am a Songwriter, Singer, Music Instructor and Coach.                                                                                    
The Music director with Kingfield College and JITSOLEM. The Creative director of OKEXTRA MUSIC…. (our services include; music training, live band for concerts and events, talent management, music consultancy, recording and production still to come)

My platforms and expressions;                                                                                             
1. OKEXTRAVOICE (that seeks to train and raise young people in music unto the Lord) 
2. Okextra August Musical Mentoring Program (OAMMP) renamed as THE OKEXTRA MENTORING PROGRAM (TOMP) which started in 2019.
3. The annual FREE2WORSHIP; a gathering of believers who seek to break the barriers of sin, ignorance and religion.  
4. Monthly music seminar for music ministers, instrumentalist and singers tagged: THE MINISTER! THE MUSIC! THE MESSAGE!

Enjoy some of my creativity on;                                                                                YouTube:@okextramusic (                                                           
Audiomack @okextra htpps://

Follow and connect with me on IG, Facebook and Twitter @okextravoice   

For bookings and other music related services call 09056828900 
or email: [email protected]                                                                                                                                   

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