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Writers Bio - T.O

~The Osmosis

I'm a doctor-in-training in the prestigious Federal University of Ilorin. 

I, among other things, am a poet by choice, CEO of a mini Peppersoup restaurant known as GLAD Dainties. 

I am a writer and currently on my first book title Darkest Climes: it is a true love story. 

I currently streamline a business mentorship programme called MONTY MENTORS where we inculcate a practical approach to the learning of how business works. Believe me, you've never seen any like it. 

I am also an affiliate marketer for Timoyex International as well as a promoter for KINGS Publishers. 

I own a mini blog called Dainties, which is still finding its feet. 

I'm also a Yali as well as an MBRU Ambassador.

You can reach me on;
  • Instagram @osmosis_100,
  • Twitter: @MosesADEWOLE14. 
  • Call: 07063191368 or 
  • WhatsApp/Telegram: 07053829026

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