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The Importance Of Reading As A Writer

Author • Chukwuebuka Mgbemena


To navigate life, you need to constantly imbibe knowledge. As a writer, it is important to cultivate good reading habits not restricted to books or articles on writing but also those that span various topics.

This article explains in detail the essence of reading, and its benefit to you as a writer.

a writer looking creative with a pen and paper

  1. It improves your reasoning: Reading has an interesting subconscious and conscious effect on

the brain. As a writer, It improves the cognitive aspect of your brain and helps curate your

thoughts in a way that captivates your audience and increases readership.

2. It improves your writing : Reading makes you take note of new words and their application. It

introduces you to different writing styles, gives your work a professional outlook and makes it

stand out.

3. It reduces the occurrence of writer's block: Knowledge gained from reading gives insight to

new topics and reduces the occurrence of writer's block.

4. It gives you the zeal to write: The more you read, the more you want to write. Reading keeps

you in the right mental space to write. It makes you eager to channel your imaginations and

thoughts into writing. This helps you produce quality content and advance your career as a


5. It keeps you abreast of new developments in the writing profession: We live in a fast-paced

world, where we experience change in different aspects of our lives on a daily basis. As a writer,

reading is of utmost importance to stay abreast of these changes and leverage them.

In summary, the importance of reading to a writer cannot be overemphasized. It is never too late

to imbibe a good reading habit. Start today, Start now.

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