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Life Of A Corp Member

Author • Mistura Shittu


Putting on the NYSC uniform is a dream for many undergraduates, children, and even parents.

Nysc in parade

Growing up you see corp members in their Khaki, everyone calling corper wee here and there and you are secretly anticipating that day when you will wear one too. You strive and thrive through primary, secondary, and tertiary institutions with all hopes high.

Upon graduation from the tertiary institution, boom, the dream is about to be achieved. It’s time to register for National Youth Service Corps. After registration you are waiting to be posted; which is the scary part. You might be posted to a state that is direct opposite of your dream state of service because of the aim of the scheme which is to foster unity within the nation. The night when the posting letter will be out is a night of fear as there is no sleep for most prospective corp members (na that night you go know say no be only the wicked no get sleep).

TADA. Call-up letter is out. With no choice, bag is packed for camp. Since this is a long-time dream about to be a reality, the journey to camp though stressful can be adventurous, and fun especially if you take a transit full of prospective corp members like yourself. After the journey, one arrive at camp tired and stressed. But then the gaze is on putting on the khaki. Depending on the time of arrival, you might have to rest till the next day before the necessary registration.

My Dear, you don’t know what you are in for because…. okay, you start with covid test, then registration proper where your documents are checked. Upon registration, accommodation is allocated after which documentation is done in the ICT, then state code and platoon is given. From there you are directed to your Platoon Officer who gives you khaki trousers and jacket, crested vested, tennis sneakers, jungle boots, two white shirts and shorts, and two pairs of socks. Bear in mind that khaki trousers and jacket may never be your size. You will definitely need to adjust by either reducing or adding to it to fit (seems like they have a contract with tailors tho).

The next morning, it is morning meditation at 5am then, to the morning parade which last till 7am or past 7. Breakfast is then by 8am, by 9:30 to 2pm it's lecture time: SAED (skill acquisition and entrepreneurial development) lectures and orientation. Lunch is by 2pm, after which by 4pm its time for the evening parade and by 7pm dinner is ready and by 8pm to 10pm it's time for social night and by 10pm it is light out. What a structured and complicated life but as structured as it is, this is what 21days in NYSC Orientation camp life will be. During this period, the only name you bear is white fowl, Otondo and so on as the soldiers prefer to call. There is all for the self-development, purpose discovery and fun as a lot of activities occur; like swearing-in, carnival, match competitions, sports competitions between various platoons and most importantly you meet people from different sphere of life and lifelong relationships are made.

After the 21 days, posting letter for the Primary place of assignment is received before departure from camp and you are expected to go to your primary place of assignment, time for another heartbreak you will just see one local government like that. Getting to the PPA, you are either accepted or rejected as the HR or Chairman desires, after which you return to your local government for documentation and maybe apply for a travel permit for 3weeks after which you are expected to return and start work for 10 months at your PPA. 

It is important to note that you must not miss CDS (Community development service) because there is a need for the signature of your supervisor before you can observe the monthly clearance which is a prerequisite for allowance payment i.e. no clearance, no allowance and this could result to service year extension or other punishment as the case may be. This is what the ten months of the service year seem like and it can be really tedious and not as easy as it sounds or reads, not to forget it is important that you make a good impression with the human resource personnel of your PPA as you get monthly clearance from him\her and sometimes there might just be a need for cover-up as E fit get as e be one day

With the whole stress, it is possible to optimize the opportunities that come one’s way during this time. Tilting to the positive side of every situation is best at your interest instead of looking more into the negativity in the situation. Make best use of all resources around you and know that with your Khaki you can access places where you normally will not have had access to if not for the NYSC Uniform……………

In all, put God first, and don’t get carried away by the fun and excitement of the security that comes from allowance. Make use of this time to do something beneficial for yourself and the kingdom.

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