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Stand Strong My Friend

Author • Chimnwendum Chichi ---- 💥💥💥BEST READ FROM TWITTER COMMUNITY --- 9th December 2022
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Hey you,

I wish I could I hug you tightly and whisper into your ears that everything will be alright.

I know it’s physically impossible to do that right now but please imagine me hugging you.

Yesterday, during my quiet time I told myself that I was tired of the fickle things of this life stealing my joy. I reminded myself of times I worried a lot and everything ended up okay, was it worth it? No, worrying is never worth it.

Worry steals our joy, steals our gratitude, weakens our drive, and gives us an attitude of ingratitude.

When you are ungrateful, everything your life lacks becomes visible and you forget how blessed you are. You may not be beautiful, but your body parts do what they have been created to do efficiently.

You may not be wealthy, but hell you are better than the kids in Congo who are displaced because of internal wars.

Your career might be crawling, but you have a career, to begin with, some don’t.

I want you to be grateful today, intentionally count your blessings and get the strength to stand strong. It’s okay to cast all your problems, worries, hopes, and dreams on Jesus. His shoulders are big enough to carry all of that, so unburden yourself.

To be honest, if I didn’t know that come what may, God has my back I may have done something bad to myself.

God is here, he sees you, he knows it all, and maybe the reason he is silent is that he has gone ahead of you into your future and knows you will be okay.

You will be okay, we will all be okay. Continue to stand strong and may God bless you immensely.

Have an amazing week. *hugs you tightly again*

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