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Author •  Franzezz

four friends in a picture

It's a Wednesday, October 12th September 1:30pm

sitting in a club patio

watching how the wind slowly brushes the palm leaves against themselves

while listening the echoes of a gen from a distance

 3 lines of  question locked up in my dungeon   finally escaped.

What does a Godly friendship look like?

Why do people get married?

Why can't I keep long distance friends?

Meeting either of you wasn't part of the plan, I  sabotaged my own mission, but have to give a report.

Comrade 1

I can't help to fight the feeling 

that us growing apart was to save us both

I came to the table with no intention of eating. 

we built a beautiful ship and it sailed of bay, not knowing it was jst another Titanic

with the history that something great once existed.

but in this story I was Jack and u where rose, I thought I could save us by putting myself on the line 

but it wasn't a sacrifice worth making because u weren't mine

I shiver and tryed to shake the fact that I was constantly hurting , it only lead to a dead jack. Jack holding on, not realizing he was slowly fading away, people say it's love cause one had to go for the other to stay, I say it's love  because one had to go for another to find thier way.

Comrade 2

I try to trace how we became friends, trying to pin point where it started, lost my compass and my sense of direction. 

u talked too much i said

until I gave in and i didn't want it to end

so much knowledge and wisdom 

placing all the puzzle pieces to my jigsaw

ur like hot cocoa on a cold day

we were siblings with different names

Comrade 3

your sooooo sweet

I could literally eat you, 

you are the iceing and the cake

I love how we play like little kids,

your genuine, open and a bit flirty

How your open to learn and help

if u were a guitar I would pick you

so why do we encounter these people if we only meet to part like the river

what does it mean? and why is it sooo hard letting go?

set the alarm more prisoners have escaped.

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