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Dearly Beloved

Author • AFAM


letter from a plane to a loved one

Dearly beloved,

I hope you understand me 

I hope you know heartbreak cuts deep 

I hope you know it comes with no notice

Dearly beloved,

I hope you see this 

I hope you see through my fleeting pain 

I hope you feel for me, beyond this taint 

Beyond my near-perfect concealment

That has come of age.

Dearly beloved, 

I hope you know loving you is not my choice

I hope you listen beyond this voice

Dearly beloved, 

I hope you feel the real me,

But I hope you taste the love that sets you free 

As beautiful as the 7 seas

Dearly beloved, 

What more do you want from me? 

I’d give you my soul

But I’d lose 3. 

Dearly beloved,

Don’t forget me.

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