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Ayo Mu (Joy Bringer)

Author   Etiene Eric


When I think of you, I smile,
and when I smile, I think of you. 
I don't know whether it's the thinking that makes me smile 
or the smile that keeps me thinking.

You make every thought beautiful.
You are like the charming star
that beautifies the night
and your aura is captivating.

Your eyes are pretty,
and your soul, bright.
Your flavour never goes sour.
And your laughter grows like flowers.

You have won my heart over.
And gave me your fragrance.
A constant reminder of the joy you bring.
And this joy heals me like music.

ayo is a charming lady

Ayo Mu (Joy Bringer)

Readersketch | Ed. Matthew Olapade

© Etiene Eric. All Rights Reserved.

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