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Author • TheOsmosis

Of the many songs yet unsung
Of the many voices yet unheard
Of the countless roses of gold
That the soothing palms of my adorable damsel shall yet hold
Of the perfect touch of goodness and queenly sheenness 
In the awesomeness of her radiance and showstopping countenance
In the eternal words of the bards heretofore and hereafter
Do I tell of a greatness and wonder in the form of a damsel
You have heard that "...the gods are come unto us in the likeness of men".
But you have not heard that God's peace came to me in the likeness of a dazzling Beauty

I blaze that you have not heard that Abasi came to me in the form of Emem.


Readersketch | ed. Orimoloye Ololade 
© 2021 Moses Adewole. All Rights Reserved

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