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Author  Dorhta wares

I can bet you probably hate me.

I’m sure words like slut and whore

have gotten thrown my way or will in the future, but I feel not offended 

But one day you will find out, it wasn’t really my fault 

And when you do, he’s gonna try

and sweet talk his way out of it,

like he tends to do so disgracefully.

But I’m sure you’ve suspected

something for a while now. Maybe

I carelessly left something at his

house that he swore

was his sisters. 

Maybe you got a glimpse of my perfume even though, he changes it every time. 

This you know but you can’t leave So you’d rather be in denial than face the truth,

I’ve been on your side of this, for so

long I hated the girl. But what I

didn’t realize until I became her

was it’s him that has to be blamed, it

wasn’t her and it isn’t me.

We both just happened to love the same man 

Sure, it takes two to mingle but he was the one who approached me, 

couldn’t help that I fell in love

with someone who wasn’t mine for this I feel bad 

but I wanted so desperately for

him to be mine, I believed his lies as we

laid in bed and talked about a

future I knew we would never have.

He talked about the day he’ll leave

you but I knew they were just

words because he went home to

you every night saying ‘I love you.’

I believed it when he told me that


And I know I should have had

enough self-respect to walk away

sooner but love has a way of

making you do stupid things. Love

makes you believe these lies.

Love allows you to see exactly

what you want and blinds you to

what you don’t.

It was the calls late at night that

gave me something to hold onto.

But deep in my heart I knew if he

did like me as much as he said, he

would be with me and he isn’t. It

was him spinning his web of lies

he was so good with words beautifully crafted and me the fool falling for it .

It’s was all a game. He told me

the rules and I played by every

one of them.

It’s the pictures we weren’t

allowed to take. The places we

weren’t allowed to go. The people

I wasn’t allowed to tell. It’s the

name changes in his contact and

the fact I could only call him at work. I use this medium to say am sorry.

I never wanted to cause a war 

I can now realize I am never supposed to attack you for I know you are also a victim 

This is coming from a woman who knows how you feel please accept my apology 

to the girl he is cheating on me with


Readersketch | ed. Matthew Olapade

©2022 Dorhta wares. All Rights Reserved

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