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When I thought of Christ I got Inspired 

And then I asked myself, this Kingdom of Christ, what does it Require🤔

In my quest, then I got to know that it has nothing to do with all I've Acquired

'Cos at the end, all those things shall Expire

For all those acquisitions shall in the end be burned with Fire

Now all I ought to think of is all Christ of me, Desire

God now is all I aspire

His word is now like my Attire

I was close to perdition but then Grace help me to Refire

To come to the knowledge of the Truth so all (the bad things) I've stopped doing won't Backfire

Therefore because Christ is my sanctifier,

The word of God is now my Amplifier

Hence all the devil's plot to get at me, he (the devil) shall Misfire

Christ is the knowledge of Truth I've come into, He is all I Desire‍🙇🏽‍♂️

Have a great week ahead✋🏽😊

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