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Like a Crocodile in a Swamp

Author • Steve Ogah

You lie in wait for me like a crocodile in a swamp,

Waiting for me to lap at the waters;

As though an antelope with a parched throat;

Only for you to leap at me with bare fangs

When I had lost sense of your menacing presence

But why do you bite those who come to you

Why do you snap, nag and haggle

As though two angry people at a market

When I only seek your touch,

In the dry season of my life

Why, my love; do you always lie in wait

As though a mean crocodile in a swamp

Waiting for me to err before you flash 

Your menacing teeth at my trembling self?

image of crocodile in a swamp

Like a Crocodile in a Swamp

Readersketch Ed. Orimoloye Ololade

© 2022 Steve Ogah. All Rights Reserved.

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