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Faith Jazz

Author • The Osmosis

And so gross, darkness covered the Earth
In its void-ness and formlessness.
Faith spoke out
And there was Light.
By Faith, he rendered to God a more excellent sacrifice.
By Faith, the wall of Jericho did fall
By Faith, they were led about through the wilderness to their promised land
By Faith, he left his people to follow the seemingly strange God
He considered not his own body, now dead
Neither yet the deadness of Sarah's womb
He staggered not at the promise of God through unbelief
By Faith, he offered up his only son already in his heart to the Lord.
Oh! And his seed became so mighty
Even his seeds we are-
The seed of Faith.

And so amid the stormy seas,
Faith did speak up and there was Peace
Even when Goliath was as the mountain
Faith did speak and he became just a plain
And there came Paul Apostle 
Given tirelessly to the preaching of this Word of Faith,
And apron was taken from Paul to deliver the oppressed.
By Faith, we behold the face of the begotten of the Father
By Faith, we are being transformed into the same 
By Faith, the letters became life
By Faith, we received this life which was heretofore
By Faith, we shall live forever.

image of faith

Faith Jazz

Readersketch | ed. Orimoloye Ololade
© 2022 Moses Adewole. All Rights Reserved.

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